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Friday, 5 January 2018


They told him Venessa was the family toy cos every family guy had 4ked her. When he asked about Grace they told him that was another issue. Grace had uncles in National assembly and presidency and her father was very wealthy.
Cos of this, their superiors have been trying to date her but she refused. She doesn't have a boyfriend and doesn't date any of the guys.
They kept pressuring her and she kept refusing so she was raped in her second year. That Year she was raped school was on fire cos her dad invested money to make sure the guys that did it were gotten and the guys are now in prison.
He asked “If she isn't a family girl whats she doing here?” The answered, “she is a financier. She finances all our parties and events in order to gain protection and recently her cousin became Don, so she is now untouchable”.
They were still talking when the girls came out wearing skimpies, walked over to a waiting 2013 Camry and got in. As the car drove past them the girls waved erratically at them but then Grace stopped the car a few metre ahead of em and she jumped out, walked over to where they were sitting eating their breakfast.
She greeted the twins and called Chido separately aside and asked “That was ur room right?” and he replied “right”. She continued “what I saw today was hot. U 4ked Venessa like…..gosh! U 4k like the devil. I am coming back 4 my own” and Chido replied “I prefer a rider. I like girls that ride me very well. If u know u cant ride don't bother”. She looked at him then “havent ur friends told u who I am” and he replied “they told me somethings”. She continued
“then they should have also told u that I don't take no for an answer and I get anything i want”.
Chido replied “If u cant ride don't bother simple” to which she replied “riding is my other name. When I ride u, after I have ridden u. U wont want to be ridden by another gurl”. To which chido replied “that waits to be seen. Fine, when u come back we will see”.
She turned then as her friend pressed the car horn screaming Gracey come na. We will be late for that man’s lectures. They drove off after then, Chido went back to his pals and intimated them on what she wanted.
They were impressed and told him so.
They said “Chido, Grace has money. If u can get under her skin. Ur money problems would be over and she is one of the hottest and most flashy girls in school”. that got Chido thinking. He knew his parents were struggling average people. Cos they couldn't meet all his needs he had had to do some runs himself to make extra money. It was these runs that made him join the current system his friends had pressured him to join. Unlike the twins parents who were also very loaded, Chido’s parents were civil servants. He smiled again as he started strategies on how he could use the information about Grace to his advantage.

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