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Sunday, 7 January 2018


When Chido got home after their recon it was already midnight. As they entered their house they were told that they had to see python upstairs.
On getting upstairs they were asked to wait 4 python cos he was busy which they did and after about 15 minutes python stepped out wearing just a towel around his waist.
As they started briefing him the door to is room creaked open and Venessa stepped out wearing Unclad and made her way to the bathroom.
The twins looked at me with smiles in their face and I looked at em and smiled. Python saw the looks that past our faces and said “thats how u do it with dem bitches. Just in and out and move on but the this one is family so we keep her within the family. There are many of em and as time goes on u will meet all of em”.
Python continued “Abeg, continue the information” and we restarted the briefing. Some minutes later Venessa came back out and told python she was going to which he asked “so soon so early. Anyway no problem. B4 u go, go and tell Silvia that she is doing me this night”. She kissed him on the lips as he grabbed her butt0ckz and pressed it hard which brought a grasp from her. She slepped off then and walked away.
After the briefing they went back to their apartment and Chido walked straight to the bathroom to shower and then to his room to sleep. As he entered his room he met a Unclad Venessa who said “U guys took a long time” to which he asked her what she was doing in his room and she answered “I could go home to and empty house so I decided to stay”.
Chido replied “I don't want problems with Python” to which she said “no! Pythons main woman is Sylvia”. I aisked her “if thats so what were u doing in his room Unclad?” and she answered “Jealous? When I said “no”.
She replied without bating an eyelid “Yes,I slept with Python. I sleep with him every now and then 4 protection. Its a hard world 4 a girl in this school so don't judge me. I don't have to do it anymore though cos of Grace but I have been doing it for a long time now. I don't know how to stop anymore”.
I asked I don't understand explain what u mean “she said since after Black mamba Grace’s cousin became Capone. The protection Grace enjoys gets to me automatically but then when u have been doing this a long time how to stop is just too difficult”. I said nothing then but then I asked her to leave my room and she started Crying then.

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