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Sunday, 7 January 2018


She cried 4 awhile b4 Chido gathered her into his arm and started consoling her, knowing within himself that the smell of her perfume, her Kittykat, her smell was intoxicating him, knowing that if she made any moves towards him, he was not going to be able to resist.
….his fears were confirmed cos as she moved on him, wiping tears off her eyes while her neck was buried in his shoulder. Chido knew he had lost the fight.
He guess she knew it too cos she had a smile playing on her face as she moved her lips up to chido’s waiting one.
They kissed 4 a while b4 she jumped om his JT.
She wrapped her hands around it and put the tip into her mouth, nibbling with her teeth. She continued to sU-Ck his JT for about 10 minutes.
Chido knew if she continued he would end up coming so he moved her head back and pushed her back on to the bed, leaned over her and kissed her breasts as he searched 4 a CD under his pillow, found it, strapped one on.
Then he mounted her and slipped one finger into her Kittykat to find she was already fountain wet so he drove into her with so much forced that she didn't believe how hard he had entered her.
She straddled him then as he immediately rode her.
As he rode her he sU-Cked her Tips. The were very firm and pointed. “Oh Bleep Yeah” she cried at that, so he then proceed to give her tits a light slap. Chido felt her K!ttyC@t grip his JT as he rode her harder.
He grabbed her butt0ckz and pulled himself deeper into her and she ground harder below him.
Their writhing got faster and he was getting closely, dangerously to the edge and so was she.
Without thinking, he moved one of his hands off her butt0ckz cheek and pushed a finger into her K!ttyC@t.
Then pulled it out and poked the wet digit into her asshole.
Her hole gripped his finger as her K!ttyC@t gripped his JT, and she came loudly. Chido knew he was free to finish if he wanted but wanted to 4k her some more so he came out of her and turned her around to enter her again scissors style and continued thrusting.
They 4ked all night……..
By next morning she was already gone b4 he woke.

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