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Tuesday, 9 January 2018


She replied “I came here to see u and spend time with u and tell u that as from now I will be taking care of u. I know about your financial problems, one of the twins told me yesterday.
That means I will be entitled to certain things from u”.
She continued “U already know I like u and want u sexually and I saw how u were staring at my hips and butt0ckz so I know u want me to sexually. Would it be too bad if we two started being close and seeing eachother”.
To this Chido replied “well putting it like that is fine but I didn't expect to be propositioned by u.
I had been thinking about how to yearn u up but it seems u have already done that”.
She smiled then and replied “ur friends know u better than u know yourself. Daniel already warned me that u would soon want to talk to me and I had been so long away that I couldn't wait any longer for u to come to me so I came”.
Chido pulled her to him them and kissed her on the lips, they kissed for some time and when they pulled apart she said “.Its been awhile I had S£x. I was raped two years ago” to which Chido replied that he knew and she then told me “If we have S£x today then u are mine”.
To this Chido replied “then I have to make sure we don't have S£x today”.
…………………”then I have to make sure we don't have S£x today” replied Chido …………
They kissed again and this time fell on the bed kissing, smooching, sU-Cking their lips. He hands slowly creeps down his chest till it rested on his slowly hardening crotch. As she felt his length she gasped and slowly snaked her hands into his trouser,
underp@nts and grabbed his JT.
The surprise of sudden pressure on his JT make CHido cry out in surprise as his right hand played with her b0s0m and then quickly creeped under her bra. She gasped then with pleasure in response as he kneaded her b0s0m between his fingers while his left hand play down her back and butt0ckz.
He lay on her then as he slowly started to undress her and her him with their lips glued 2getther.
In no time her tops, trouser and underp@nts were drawn all around the room and so were his.
The now lay 2gether in their birthday suit.
sU-Cking, kissing, lips still glued 2gether and they his she pushed him up to sitting position and attacked his JT.
She sU-Cked him expertly ,……………. she was good.
She sU-Cked him, while he slowly lay back from his sitting position and she sU-Cked him as he spread his legs giving her whole assess.
She sU-Cked, licked, spat at his JT and started resU-Cking him.
Her hands were working magic ,…………. she was no novice.

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