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Thursday, 4 January 2018


As they kissed Chido wrapped his arms around her tightly as she wrapped her arms around his neck. They kissed breathlessly for a long time as his hands roamed her Unclad back, waist and butt0ckz. All this while her hand played with Chdio’s hard-on.
Chido pushed her then on her back and she requested he sU-Cked her but he gently denied cos he didn't know who she was or where her Kittykat had been b4 now. Chido still didn’t know her name but as she smiled back at him and opened her legs for him, he didnt care to even remember it.
He got down in front of her to sniff her already wet Kittykat which glittered and dripped of Kittykat fluid and female sweat. Chido shoved his fingers into her inviting Kittykat and she m0aned loudly to the irritation of her friend who hissed in reply to the noise.
As Chido fingered her now, he worked his tongue up to those lovely big tits. He licked at each of her Tips slowly, rolled them between his tongue tenderly, making them grow hard with his tongue as his other free hand caressed her other tit while the other hand worked its magic in her Kittykat.
She m0aned loudly again and she nearly came only for Chido to stop temporarily and restart the caress that was slowly killing her.
By the time Chido’s lips moved back up to hers, she hungrily ate his lips and pulled hard at his JT which brought tears to his eyes. By now Chido had managed to strap-up with double protection and since there wasn’t anymore hindrances to start the movie. He plunged right through, this time bringing tears to her eyes and a wild and loud scream of “YES” escaped her lips as Chido assaulted her Kittykat with his JT.
Chido drove in and out with gusto as if his life depended on it and she met all his thrusts with little ones of her own. All the while taking those big bleeping tits into his hands as he rode her to hell. He occasionally pinched at her Tips as he 4ked her and she kept m0an!ng loudly at the top of her vice.
A sudden movement from the side brought a Unclad leg up into Chido’s side but even that couldn't break his concentration as if it was a mission to 4k this Unclad girl her met on his bed.
Chido didn't stop as sweat poured down his face, head and body, he 4ked and 4ked harder and harder.
As her friend woke up to the whole noise and drama of what was happening, sleepily robbing her eyes in the semi dark room to see why her friend was making such a loud row. Her eyes widened as her brain downloaded the events playing out right in front of her while she had slept.
She opened her mouth to talk but didn't find the words and as Chido turned to look at her and smiled her hands moved up protectively and self consciously to cover her b0s0m.
Then again, but as she fully realised or rather understood from seeing how deeply buried in her friends Kittykat Chido was anytime he thrusted in her friend, the watching girl that just awoke moved her own hands down to her own Kittykat, as her hands lingered there and then remained there.
She suddenly became so hot and the room felt stuffy as she watched Chido 4k her friend, for every thrust he gave her seemed to carry her waist a few centimetres up and was accompanied with a loud slap of flesh against flesh.
The girl Chido was 4king started to pump her K!ttyC@t up and down on His JT. Her K!ttyC@t was gripping and sU-Cking at his JT as he rode her.
And then she shuddered suddenly and screamed
“Yey, I am cumming ooohhhhh!!!” as she came.
As she came her Kittykat sU-Cked on Chido’s JT its strength wasn't enough to make him Pour so he didn’t but he also didn’t stop 4king her.
But about ten minutes later, Chido grabbed her hips pulled her down onto his JT as he rammed his hips upward. He drove his JT deep and hard once more up into her Kittykat. She m0aned and gasped then as he felt his JT hitting the bottom of her K!ttyC@t.
His JT twitched then throbbed as he started to Pour which was then followed by another orgasm of her own.
As his JT was spewing its content. They both heard someone m0an by their side and as they turned around they saw her friend, fingers deep into her pusy, one hand on one b0s0m cuming too but spewing squint fluid all over herself and them.

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