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Saturday, 6 January 2018


“Hmm” Chido said. “Grace is a very nice person” Venessa continued “She is wonderful and u will like her just pls don't break her heart if she give it to u”.
Chido didn't reply cos he didn't know what to say so he kept quiet.
He was still speaking to Venessa when his door opened and one of the twins walked in to tel him he was needed. He excused himself and followed Daniel to the sitting room. On entering the room he was confronted with faces he hadn't seen b4.
Greetings and introductions were made fast and they leader of the group Python himself spoke up. That was the first time Chido saw and met Python.
Python For all the name he had made in school was a very little guy of 5:4. Very handsome and black a coal. He had piercing eyes that looked as if he saw what u didn't want to tell. His handshake was hard and his fingers had tight callous as if padded with them. he commanded respect cos when the boys present argued and he told em to shut the 4k up. No one spoke anymore.
To confirm Chido’s fear that day, he saw or rather witnessed why Python was so feared. Two boys had started arguing again after python had asked all to keep quite so he could think. As the boy argued python got vex and slapped the boy on his right. The sound of the slap echoed with a stunning resound which startled Chido and as the boy on the left was starting to react Python punched him in the chest and the boy flew backward with so much force as if pulled by an invincible string.
Python chain smoked, his lips was very black from and he hard brown pigments in between his teeth. He was feared and he knew it, he relished the awe he inspired. Python then ordered all the boys to moved out cos they had a reconnaissance mission. They were to observe some imports from another school who had been going around asking questions about their group.
Python had told em at the meeting that this could be cos of a hit Anaconda had carried out in another school and that if a retaliatory attack was to be carried out the family should be ready and stay togther. As the boys filed out Python turned to the twins and Chido, “u guys should stay in the back and watch how they work and then learn. Ur times will come”.
They observed the imports and noted the guys they hung with to see which families these guys were from so that they would know who was who and which families were involved.

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