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Thursday, 25 January 2018


Gori was terrified to see Ken, he appeared in his black jean and red tshirt,his stab wound was visible with blood dripping from it. Oluwo hailed him and ushered him to sit close to Gori, as he made for the seat, Gori sprang up, he could not sit with a ghost, some who died in his presence.
"Where are you going?" Ken asked
"You must learn to be a strong man o" Oluwo added.
"Are you still afraid of me, Gori? I've been with you since yesterday." Oluwo and Ken laughed. Gori sat on the floor instead, they were seated in a circle.
"Ken, Gori is here... What do you want from him? Oluwo asked.
" Revenge!"
"Why did you quit?"
"I have to.... I want to be with my love, I don't want to see people dying because of me.. Baba, initiate Gori. I know he is fit!"
"Goriola, are you ready to take revenge on the people in the black diary." Gori was silent, he knew could not decline that offer, he had already had hatred for the VC and whosoever he was speaking to that morning .
"Yes." He said firmly. Ken laughed wickedly, he laughed so hard that the ground shook.
"Are you ready to be initiated? Baba asked looking straight into Gori's eyes, Gori replied looking straight into Oluwo's eyes.
" Ken, if this boy is initiated, he will be more powerful than you"
"Baba, Ken is a hard man, I know he has the potentials" Ken replied.
"Gori, are you ready or the initiation?"
"No going back o" Oluwo warned.
Gori knelt down in the middle of a low-lit room,the poor ventilated room was decorated with dry leaves, skulks,charms and red clothes, he tied a red garment round his waist, Ken too did the same, Oluwo was in his regalia making some incantations
"Ken, can I have your heart?" Oluwo requested.
"Baba, you know I am heartless" Ken smirked.
"Gori, can I have your heart?" Oluwo requested.
"To be initiated?"
"I have a girlfriend whom I placed sacredly in my heart, will giving you my heart affect her?" He asked
"Then you can have it" Oluwo made some incantations and removed Gori's heart. Gori screamed while the duo laughed, his heart was replaced with the small coffin Ken vomited. Gori face changed immediately, he felt elevated. He smelt blood and was flesh-starved. He stood up, went to where ken knelt and strangled him. He killed him the second time, this time, he killed,ate and drank his blood.
Gori woke up the following morning on the cemetery outside Oluwo's house, he was to sleep there for three days. He went to meet Oluwo who sat at his previous position.
"Morning Baba" he greeted.
"Goriola, how was your night?"
"Baba, I am thirsty?"
"Should I get you some water?" Baba teased.
"Baba, I want blood... Fresh blood." He requested pleadingly. Oluwo laughed heartily and offered him a calabash full of blood.
"Gori, that is the first part of the initiation. We're starting round two this evening"


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