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Thursday, 25 January 2018


The second part of the initiation meant nothing to Goriola, he was Stone-hearted already. He had a meeting with three witches from three different part of the world, he had meetings with some wizard and finally, he met with some ghormids and they all accepted to help him.
The last part was to be completed when he resumed back to school, he was to mate with three teenagers who were virgins, and lastly, he was to find a woman who had been made for twenty-three Years.
Goriola resumed school the following week, the VC's office was the first place he went to.
"Good morning Sir." He greeted as he sat on a chair opposite the VC.
"Gori! Where have you been? We've searched everywhere for you"
"Yeah, I know. You wanted to arrest me abi, here I am, call the police." Gori said as he relaxed on his seat well, the VC was shocked.
"Mr. VC, don't you dare think you can victimise me. You see, I'm aware of everything you did to Ken, you used his girlfriend and killed her, you chased him for fourteen years and sent me to die. You'd sent powerful me to kill Gori and none succeeded, why did you choose me? The VC adjusted in his seat, he suddenly felt heat all over his body.
" Mr VC, Ken died in my hands, I mean I killed him. You know how powerful he was, I knew about how he raped you and your friend continuously and I am here to do worse. I, Goriola is not going to kill you like a fowl, I am going to kill you like a rat."He boasted.
"Goriola, please... Please, I am sorry about everything. You see, we never raped ken's girlfriend, I had sex with her at her own will, she lied against me. I agreed we raped her the second time but... But" he was short of words.
"Mr. VC, don't bother yourself, I know everything already." He laughed wickedly.
"You see, Gori. I'm going to do everything you say, please spare my life." He begged.
"Oh, not yours alone, and your senator friend too sir. But eem.... Okay, I'm not going to kill you, but on my given conditions."
"We will do anything." The VC pleaded.
"At first, I need a well-furnished four bedroom flat office, a laptop and a sum of five hundred thousand. I'll come regularly for more demands, deal? It was too much for the VC to handle but he had no option.
" deal." He concluded.
"I must pack into the house tomorrow." He said and walked out.
The VC called his friend immediately and explained everything to him, they were both scared and concluded Gori wanted to scare them and they suggested handling him over to the police.
The VC called Gori to see him immediately an hour after Gori left, he had been trapped. He entered his office and meet the Senator sitting down with the VC, he greeted and sat down.
"Gori, meet my friend, Senator John. He is the second person involved." The VC introduced,they exchange handshake.
"I called him here so he can meet you in person." The VC explained, then suddenly there was a knock at the door.
Gori was already aware of what was about to happen, he smirked as the VC ushered in three police officers.
"Good afternoon sirs" the officers who were filly armed greeted.
"Here is he, arrest the criminal." The senator said as he pointed to Gori.


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