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Friday, 26 January 2018



The police officers look towards the direction VC pointed too and found nothing.
"No one is here,sir." One of the police officers said confusingly.
"Here is the young man" The VC repeated but still the officers could not see anyone. Gori smirked, he enjoyed the game.
"Can you see that black-leathered chair" VC asked pointing to the chair Gori occupied,the officers nodded in affirmation.
"Do you see someone sitting on it?"
"No, this is an empty chair."
"It is not empty" the two men argued. Gori was sitting comfortably making fun of the two old men. One of the officers sat on the chair Gori was seated, the men saw two men in one, the officers saw a police officer sitting on an empty seat. The policemen left awhile later, urged the men to see a doctor.
"You think I'm a fool, Mr. VC?" He clapped and stood up, the men were visibly shaken.
"We're sorry" they apologized.
"You have less than twenty-four hours to meet up" he said as he made for the door, he opened the door and turned back to the two men.
"I'm here to haunt and being you down, I'm going to finish you and you career." He said and walked away.
The two men sat in different positions, each lost in his own thought, they thought of their life, their children and everything they had done.
"You brought me into this." John said
"We were both ambitious." VC responded
"You initiated me, I'm tired of everything. We have wasted amenough innocent souls."
"Meeting is next weekend, we will table it in front of everyone."
She heard a knock on the door, it should be Kay or soshe thought
"Come in" Gori walked in, she stood up from the bed and was alert. Gori was a killer, no he was not, she trusted him, he told her he was not the killer.
"Princess" Gori called out still standing by the door.
"How did you get here?" She knew she had never tell him her lodge number.
"I asked a couple of students outside" he lied. His spiritual instinct brought him there. Just a thought of where he wanted to be and he was there. He moved closer to Tiwa who was still rooted to a spot.
"I've missed you, Tiwa."
"There's a rumour flying around the school, Gori. Did you kill him?I heard his body disappeared from the morgue."
"Tiwa, I'm here for you. Don't believe those scraps."
"The police are looking for you Gori." She announced.
"Princess, I'm aware of that. They are through with the investigation and they knew I was innocent"
"Gori, Ken was stabbed."
"I know, guess what?"
"What? I'm not good at guessing."
"The VC took special interest in me, he apologised for the wrong accusations and he is getting an apartment for me off campus." He lied.


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