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Friday, 26 January 2018


Goriola moved into his new apartment, it was a four bedroom apartment situated close to the school small gate, it had a large compound,the living room was well furnished so was the master bedroom. Gori was marvelled when he packed in. He arranged his little properties. He thought of what to do with his life, he could not kept relying on the useless VC. He remembered Solo, Solomon was Mrs. James first born, Mrs James was Gori mother's friend. Solomon was twenty-two year old three hundred level student in Gori's school and he had built a house for his parents, bought a car for his father and had a boutique downtown, it was rumored that he was a "yahoo" boy.
"I fear when I see your call o, OmoG" Solo said.
"You just forget me, I've never seen you around school area."Gori said
" who school epp,?he smiled."I bin make money and we bin baling.... Wetin I wan use school do"he laughed
"Can you teach me yahoo business? He dropped the bombshell. Solo bursted into laughter, he laughed so hard that he choked
" you.... Your mama na deaconess o"
"Your mama nko? Herbalist abi?" Gori eyed him.
"Seriously, Gori.... Do you think you can do this? See, your mum is one of those crucifying my mother o... I don't want wahala o."
"Solo, I'm not a kid."
"Do you wanna start with your Nokia?" Solo said mockingly.
"I have a laptop?"
"Laptop? Where you see am?" Solo asked, a guy came in and greeted them, Solomon hailed him and introduced him to Gori as Psalm
"You mean you are the hundred level Gori?" Psalm asked.
"Oh yes... How do you know me? Moreover, I may not be the only Gori in hundred level." Psalm stepped backward and exchanged glances with Solo.
"Do you know him?" Solo asked Psalm.
"This is the school most wanted."
"How do you mean?" Solo asked.
"He killed Ken." Psalm said scarily. Gori sat down smiling, Solomon stood up.
"It's not possible... I know Gori very well, we grew up together. He is always a clumsy gentle guy, he cannot kill a hen" Solo said.
"Anyways, I did not kill Ken, I was his roommate till his death."


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