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Sunday, 28 January 2018



Ayokunmi led them into the scanty living room, she ushered them to sit as she sit on a wooden stool.
"Gori, can you tell your babe to excuse us?" She asked, Tiwa stood up and left the room even before Gori could talk.
"You were not supposed to kill my joy the second time" she said with a teary eyes.
"A.y, I ...I don't mean to, I'm sorry." He begged.
"I missed him" she broke into tears, Gori had no feelings for those tears, all he wantis to get her to meet with her mother- in-law.
"I know you are now heartless, the only feelings you could have now is for Tiwa and not even your parents. Ken loved me too, I knew he would die. The power in him is heavy to bear. Gori, why did you choose to thread Kenneth's path."
"A.Y, how come you know much about me?" He was confused. Ayokunmi laughed.
"That's the gift God gave me, I see both the past,present and future." She smiled again.
"How come? Are you a witch or something?"
" I'm neither a witch or ogbanje. It's just my talent."
"How come you were now carrying Ken's child when you knew he would die?"
"Love! I loved him. I knew he was going to die but I never knew how soon it would be. I fell in love with him and he fell with me. Ken wasted his destiny for a woman, the girl was not raped as she claimed but Kenneth never believed me. I told him to stop all the revenge mission but his mind was made up, see where it ended. Take me to his mother." She wipes her face,left the room and came with two boxes.
"Let's go.?" She announced
"Am I supposed not to see at least a member of your family" Gori asked.
"I don't have a family, I'm an orphan,also a widow." She smirked as she pulled the boxes outside.
"How about this house?" He asked.
"It belongs to Kenneth. He promised to complete the house but he chose not too" she said as she locked the door.
Few Weeks later, Gori made a fortune from his new 'business' and the first person he went to visit was Solo, his friend and boss.
"OmoG, how now?" Solo greeted.
"Solo, I dey o. How na?" Gori greeted and sat down.
"Solo, I don hammer!" Gori said suddenly as he popped a bottle of baron.
"How much u hammer, my boy? Wetin be my share?" Solo hailed.
"Approximately three Milla,." Gori said making an illustration of three with his fingers.
"Excuse me!"
"I mean three million naira" the guys around hailed Gori, Omo stood rooted to the spot, he was confused.
"How come? How can you make three million naira, Gori.?" Solo asked.
"I used my head." Gori replied touching his head.
"Do you know what my percentage it... 60/30"
"I don't understand you? You mean you are taking sixty percent of my money?" Gori asked
"Yes, I'm your boss. You're still under me."
"Solo, abegee, forget say u b ma boss. You wey don dey use juju sef never jam 3 ehm for your life. Boss, I no fit give you hundred Kay. You refused to show me the way and when someone else did, you want to reap where u no sow." He said, drop a wad of five hundred naira notes on the table and left.
Guys who were present were astonished, Solo was known to be a cheat but no one dared look at him in the eyes.


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