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Monday, 29 January 2018



First semester was fast approaching, students were getting prepared for the examination, Gori was engrossed with his new job! He was living large. He would go to school every Mondays to thursdays, Fridays were for his internet job, he would work till Sundays, the third day. He was making some cool cash, he was wearing the best clothes, taking care of Tiwatope and he could boast of over five million in his account.
He had attended a general class that morning and sat with Tiwatope when Kayode joined them.
"Clumsy girlfriend's boyfriend, here we go" She handed them a bottle of LA casera each.
"How many tines will I warn you against calling me a clumsy boyfriend" Gori warned as she handed him his own bottle.
"Are you not clumsy?" She asked.
"Kay, where is my change?"
"Do you think I will run an errand for free?" She rolled her eyes and crossed her legs.
"So, is seven hundred naira your errand fee?"
"So, is Tiwatope your girlfriend?" She asked sarcastically.
"Are you coming over today?" Gori directed his question to Tiwa.
"Yes, we are" Kayode interrupted.
"Why? Must you always follow her to my house?"
"Must she always leave me behind?" She fired him.
"I know you are crushing on Dan" Gori winked at her, she threw her hands furiously in their, she was actually crushing on Daniel. She also needed a rich boyfriend, she has to tag along in order to be a relevant big girl. Tiwa was rocking the best clothes, the best weaves, the best makeups and she was eating the best food, she needed someone to do same for her. Her target was Daniel, Gori's friend, although he was not as rich as Gori, he was still fair. She knew about Dan's escapades with ladies but she cared less.
"Mind you, I'm not crushing on Dan, it is Dan that is crushing on me instead." She eyed him. Suddenly,Tiwa and Gori bursted into laughter.
"What's funny to you guys?" She was furious, Tiwa and Gori bursted into laughter, Tiwa pointed adjacent her direction, Kay looked back and saw Dan, she was shocked.
"Who is crushing on you?" Dan gave her an askance look, she felt so embarrassed that she wished the ground could swallow her.
"Mr. Gori,long time." Gori greeted as he entered into the VC's office startling both the VC and the young lady sitting on the VC's leg half Unclad.
"How did you get in? I told the secretary not to let anyone in." The VC tried to sound authoritatively.
"Do I need to pass through anyone" he asked as he sat on a chair opposite the VC and the embarrassed young Lady. The lady tried to adjust her sagging bare breast the VC was busy with before he banged in, Gori was tempted seeing those pawpaw-like sagging fair breast.
"Come here" the girl was confused, she directed her gaze towards Gori and back to the VC who looked down immediately.
"Oh! Do you think he is going to scold me or something?" Gori asked, the girl became alerted, this was surely one of the school's terrorist, she moved closer to Gori.
"Fine girl, what's your name?" Gori asked.
"Tiffa." The girl was already shaking. Gori loosen his belt as he stood up.
"Clear the table" he told the VC sampling the young girl. The VC cleared his busy table and right infront of him, Gori made love to the young girl.
"I am Geeboy" Gori told the girl as he was adjusting his trousers. The girl was shocked,the most dreaded popular yahoo guy and ken's killer was the one who sexed her in front of the school's VC. Gori took a piece of paper lying on the floor and a blue pen belonging to the VC, he had inscribed his phone number and handed it over to the girl.
"Call me by five PM tomorrow." He said.
"I am her to see you earlier but I think it's no more necessary. See ya." He winked at the VC who calmly sat on a stool.
Gori and Dan were busy with their laptops that hot Friday afternoon when they heard car horns outside, some minutes later, there were knocks at the door.
"Who is that?" Gori asked, some guys numbering nine walked into the living room, one of the guy was Solo, Gori's boss.
"Nice apartment." Solo commented, he had been in the business for two years and could not boast of Gori's furnished house.
"What do you want, Solo?" Dan asked
"See as did dog dey yarn, abi make I forget blow for una face." A haggard looking guy said.
"Are you in my house yo make noise" Gori asked.
"Gori, do you think you can cheat me?"
"I'm Geeboy please" Gori corrected.
"Whatever," a sissy chewing gum said.
"I'm still your boss in this game, I thought you how to press fingers so now that money is entering, you wanna forget me abi?"
"You actually taught me how to press fingers not how to make money? You were making five zeros when I was making four, did I complained for once? Now that I am making six figures, you are beefing, please what do you want from me?
"Our actual agreement was sixty-forty, you've been making waves now and you wan forget my percentage"
"Solo, u b mofo o. I hit fifty thousand then, you carry thirty, I carry twenty, na for inside that twenty I buy drinks for una dogs..." Gori waved his hands towards Solo's aides
"Who be dog?" One of the guys advanced towards Gori, as he raised his palm in an attempt to slap Gori, he fell on the floor and started convulsing. Solo and his crew were shocked, they knew immediately that Gori was not an ordinary man, before Solomon could say jack, the other guys haft fled, he had no option than to run for his life. He knew he was dealing with no other person than Ken's rumored killer
To be continued....


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