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Sunday, 21 January 2018


Written by bibi 

Goriola got to the hostel in evening looking so exhausted, he arranged his locker, brought out the small stove he brought from home and cooked noodles, Kenneth came in as he was eating, Kenneth was a tall guy compared to Goriola who was short, he was dark skinned and his look was rugged.
"Who u be?" He asked immediately he entered the room.
"I am Goriola but you can call me geeboy"
"Na ken I be. Wetin una dey do for this room?" Ken asked as he joined Goriola, he took a mouthful spoon of Noodles. "Why this thing con get salt like this? Na from river u waka come" he asked swallowing another spoon of noodles.
"This is my room, I guess you are my new partner." Gori said trying to hide his anger. Kenneth was swallowing his fifth spoon of noodles while he hardly took two, he knew the room would be tough coping with Ken.
"Na u b d JJC? Omo, this food no sweet o." He said as he stood up, the food had finished. He dipped his hand into his pocket and brought out a two hundred naira note.
"Use dis money cook concoction, I dey come for night." He dropped the money on the drawer and left.
"What sort of wahala is this? He didn't allow me to eat self. Moreover, any sane person would know two hundred naira cannot cook rice." He soliloquied.
* * * *
Goriola woke up around past four the following morning, took his bath and prepared for lectures. He ate the leftover concoction since Ken never showed up the night before, he got to school few minutes past six, he went into his department and copied the departmental timetable and went into his departmental hall. He sat down till Ten when people were coming in twos, he sat alone,students were trooping in, some were playing, some jisting while some were looking in his direction,laughing. Gori was a clumsy guy, he was never calm and organised. He was feeling awkward since most of the students' attention was on him. He brought out his bunch of keys and unlock his backpack, the class roared. He saw every body's attention was on him and he was embarrassed, he brought out his small jotter and started writing a poem. Gori was a great poet, he started writing poems at the age of eight. He would composed a poem for his parents,siblings and friends. He was composing a poem about his "chubby" new friend, Tiwa.
"Why are you so uncomposed? " he heard a lady's voice.He raised his head to see a light skinned girl smiling sheepishly at him.
"Hello." He managed to say.
"You are a new student right?" The girl asked.
"Yes. I resumed yesterday." He replied as he continued with his poem.
"I am Promise, you?"
"Whao.Do you compose this?" She asked picking his jotter. She went through the jotter and was amazed.
"You will make a great poet."
"Thanks. I want to ask you one question."
"Go ahead."
"Why are they laughing?" He asked pointing to a group of girls. She smiled.
"Your dress-sense is funny, and you padlocked your school bag." She said smiling hard. He was embarrassed, he buried my head in shame as he remembered Kayode and Tiwa were laughing when he met them.
"Stop locking your bag, no one will steal your poems" she said as she collected his Nokia torchlight phone and typed her number. "Call me" She said as she left his seat.
It was an hectic day, lectures ended by four, he roamed about the faculty looking for his chubby friend. He left for his hostel around six since his search proved infertile. He was disappointed.


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