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Tuesday, 30 January 2018



Bills the Don was sitting at a corner in Curious Fast food, he was cladded in a blue demin and had three heavy chains on his neck, two hefty men were positioned near him, a young fair skinned lady was sitting opposite him. Gori and Dan walked in,they were the center of distraction to all occupants of the restaurant. Gori sighted Tiffah sitting with a guy so he approached them.
"Tiffah" he called as he sitted beside Tiffah, Tiffah and her host were shocked to see Gori, the school's notorious richest boy.
"Oh,Bills, we met again." He said stretching his hands towards Bills the Don.
"Ao va?" Bills took his hands and smiled.
"Its been awhile. Can we join your table?
" Sure yes."
"Tiffah, you didn't bother calling me."
"Oh baby, I lost your contact."
"Can we click tonight?" Gori asked.
"How about now? I need to go somewhere this night." Tiffah answered.
"Oh, do you know my school daughter?" Bills asked
"Yes, we've met once."
"Do you like her?"
"I've passed a short time with her and will not mind spending some quality time with her." He smirked.
"Oh really, Tiffah na bad girl o. This babe fit kill you o."
"Kill me you say?this tiny mosquito?" Gori argued.
"Why not let us give it a trial" Tiffah said, Gori chuckled.
"So, where should we go?"
"Gori, Tiwa is home waiting for you o, I no want Kay's trouble o" Dan who had been sitting comfortably warned.
"Let's go to my house, Gori. We can go catch some fun and know who the winner is" Bills suggested.
"Dan, abeg dey go house. Just tell Tiwa I went to see the HOD, I'll be home soon."
"Do you think you're capable of killing me?"
"It's not what you think?"
"Then what's it? You think I don't know the trick you were pulling earlier?
" I was forced into this, I swear. Please, spare my life!"
"I decided to play along with you guys now. Don't worry, I will sure spare your worthless life but on one condition!"
"I will do anything."
"Who is this?"
"Its Promise. I need to see you right now and it is so urgent."
"Promise, you were my first friend in this school but you left me for ordinary rumours which were merely false now you want to see me... Sorry to burst your bubbles, I'm not ready to see you" he said
"Gori, its urgent. Should I come over to your house?"
"To do what? Abeg, my babes dey house o!"
"Can we hookup somewhere?"
"You're disturbing me, Promise. Talk to you later." He said and hung up.


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