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Tuesday, 30 January 2018



She knew he was a strong influential man, how could a hundred level guy wast his life in the presence of the security. He was the first and only son, his mother who was the only legal wife bore him two children, a male and female. How could he be so ruthless.
"Why did you kill him?" The VC snapped
"I did't kill him." He responded quietly.
"Gori, this is the second time you are killing a man like you!"" Do you know the senator will take this case up! "
"Let him take it up! I'll stand in front of the judge and tell them what fraternity you guys belong to, how you keep wasting virgins destinies and killing some! You and John killed Ken, the senator's son killed himself. How couk a sane man chose to poison me through a woman! What if I had died!"
"What sortof power do you possessed that give you this confidence! Ken did more than this, yet, he went down. We're occults members, fine! We kill virgins, fine. Yet, we are alive... Now what of ken! Where is he? Do you think we will not find someone to killyou if the need be!"
"Do you think Ken went down like that! Do you think you defeated Ken? Then, you must be getting it wrong! I can invoke Ken's spirit right now and the first thing he would do was to strangle you!" He stood up and headed for the door.
"Goriola! This power is more than what you can handle! If someone did not defeat you, the power will." There was something about Prof. Gori, he loved Gori, not because they had names in common, but his heart chose him.
She was shattered and could not eat.Bilerioluwabase was my first love, she loved him to a fault. Had to seek admission into the same school to get him closer. He was rich, wise but spoilt. He founded a fraternity named black mamba, a deadly fraternity who feared no one, oppressed the poor and money was one of their criteria.
Bileri and Tiffah had several sex moments together in his lifetime, we would make love with me any day anywhere and she was okay with it! She was the only student Bills the don as he was widely knew as friend had sex with regularly but she wanted something else, she wanted to date him..


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