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Wednesday, 31 January 2018



Many students went home after the second semester examination, Kayode and Tiwatope were no exemptions. Gori went home after five weeks into the two months holidays. His parents noticed he was unnecessarily calm and composed unlike the clumsy Goriola they birthed.
"Goriola" the mother called from outside, Goriola met his mother peeling some tubers of cassava and his father who sat close to her listening to radio. Bola,Goriola sixteen year old sister sat opposite their mother helping her with some tubers of yam.
"Ma." He responded adjusting his shirt.
"Are you going out again?"
"Mama,do you want me to sit at Home doing nothing."
"Can't you see we're busy outside here? Wait, are you the first to attend a university? Why is it that you've became a king since you came. Before you gained admission, you would go to the farm with your father, we would peel the cassava and make gaari together. What has come over you?" Mama complained.
"Mama,how do you expect me to peel cassava at my age?"
"Jeesu! You mean you're now a big boy?"
"Is it because you are changing shirt nowadays abi? You can disrespect me?" Mama said as she raised a bunch of broom laying beside her.
"Old woman, you better don't kill yourself !" Baba warned.
"You are so foolish!" She said as she advanced towards Goriola,who stepped back almost immediately.
"Mama, don't dare lay that broom on me"
"If I do, what will you do?" Mama asked holding the broom in one hand and the second around her waist.
"Is it because I am eating your food?"
"Then stop eating young boy!because some boys are giving you sandals and shirt, you think you are older than your parents."
"Gori, just leave the old cat. Go your way" baba said, Gori made to move but the old woman blocked his way.
"Shey I am old cat abi?you mean an old cat birthed to you! See, mark my words, I pray your father doesn't lead you astray. Bastard!" Mama said as she went back to her cassava.
"My son is not a bastard!" Baba warned.
Gori and a group of boys were sitted on a long bench in front of an uncompleted building when a blact Toyota Camry halted, Solomon alighted from the car and made towards Gori. The others boys hailed as he threw some naira notes in the air, Gori was sitted quietly watching the unfolding drama.
"Guys, one of my babes for street get birthday tonight o and I wan make you show!" The guys hailed Solo.
"Gori, will you come?" He said sarcastically, Gori kept quiet, he knew Solo was up to something.
"It would be a cash of the Titans, let's meet to know the real man" he pressed further. Gori nodded his head, it would be a good avenue to show everyone that he was better than the street real MVP.
Music was blasting from the big speakers placed outside the clubhouse. Gori smiled as he made for the hall, everyone was hailing Solo, the street richest yahoo guy who was sitted with Amara, the birthday girl. Amara was a beautiful IBO girl, if you have no money, do not move close to Amara.She was living a sophisticated lifestyle,even though her mother only owned a bukataria down the street. She was a bit tall, had slim body, heavy breast and small buttocks. She was not the beautiful girl you might portray her to be. She was a classic big girl whose main target were boys of big calibre. Gori remembered those times he was trying to woo her but she denied him vehemently and go for Solo back then. He remembered how she embarrassed him in front of his friends two years aback when he bought an emergency perfume for her as a val gift. He smiled as he thought it was the right time to pay her back in her own coin. He knew Solo had invited him there in order to mock him but he was fully prepared.
"I will like to introduce one of my boys in school to all of you, I am the one who raised him and now he can afford few shirts. Goriola,the deaconess' son, can you please stand up for recognition"Solo said immediately the MC handed over the microphone to him, Gori stood up and waved to everyone, even though he was burning with anger, he knew he had to play along. Everyone hailed as Solo continued bragging about Gori, who was quietly sitted watching Amara from his angle, he was happy to be there, he smiled.
"It's time to launch the cake and the first person I am going to call on this platform is Solo" The MC announced,everyone hailed as Solo majestically took the microphone from the MC.
"Ehm... As you all know who Amara is to me, I singlehandedly sponsored this birthday of hers because she is worth it. I hereby launch this cake with the sum of fifty thousand naira." Everyone screamed and wailed. Amara was happy since she knew her birthday was another means for making money, now, her market was selling, there was profit. They called some other people who were either Amara's friends or clients and they launched her cake below ten thousand naira. The floor was opened for everyone and people were laughing her cake with five hundred, one thousand and some with two hundred naira. Then it happened!
Gori stood up and climbed on stage, everywhere became quiet, some hissed, some laughed and some watched, Amara eyed him from where she sat. She knew he was a wannabe bad market.
"I, Geeboy, is here to launch this cake with the sum of three hundred thousand naira" he said as he brought out some wads of naira notes and gave to the MC, everyone screamed in bewilderment, how could the master launched with fifty thousand and the apprentice with three hundred thousand! Amara stood up immediately and collected the money from the MC,she drew Gori closer and hugged him, Gori seized the opportunity to whisper something into her ears and she nodded into affirmation. Solo was dumbfounded, he was embarrassed too. Gori threw some wads of one thousand naira in the air as people struggled to get it. Solo could not compete with him, he could not afford three hundred thousand naira home and abroad. He felt hatred towards Amara and Gori, Amara came back to sit near him but was not cuddling and paying attention to him as it was earlier, he felt the ground to swallow him.
It was time for the dare game, the celebrant was to call out someone and Amara made to call Gori instead of Solo, they were to smooched and in the process, Solo left when he could not stand them having sex in the presence of everyone including him. He had lose the respect everyone had for him, Gori was to take the glory! One thing was on his mind, REVENGE!..


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