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Wednesday, 31 January 2018



Tiffah cried as she reminisced what happened the day Bileri died,the way she killed him.
"I will spare your life on one condition." Gori said backing Tiffah.
"I will do anything."
"How many hours do you have left?" he asked.
"Good. what is the antidote?"
"To have sex with someone after sleeping with you." she said jittering.
"Then, go and sleep with Bills."
"Gee, I can't."
"Then you can die, at least your hot body is useful for Lucifer." he laughed.
"Gee, Bills is my first love, he is my reason for being in this school. please, spare him." She pleaded.
"You don't want to kill Bills right?he asked.
" I will do any other thing."she begged. Gori sat on the small chair in the room Bills had offered him. he looked around and found Tiffah's red bag, with the tap of his finger thrice, the bag became shredded, Tiffah watched in horror how her expensive bag became a rag and everything inside including her new NokiaX2 was shattered.
"You see that? don't think I'm an easy man to deal with. I guessed Bills forgot to tell you that." he smiled.
"Gori, please! even if I agreed to this, Bills would kill me if he noticed you are alive." Gori stood up, laid bed and in some seconds, he looked like a dead man with blood oozing out from his mouth. Tiffah knew Bills end was near so she picked her bra and left.
Bills was seated in his king size bed smoking a wrap of weed, Tiffah walked in smiling. Bills loved Tiffah and wanted to marry her but he backed out when Tiffah started sleeping around, she was the only girl he had kept for a long period. he knew she loved him and could do anything for him, so he decided to set up Gori using her as his bait since he knew Gori was strafing her. He had poisoned her, and she was to made love to Gori who would die immediately and the only antidote was to have sex with someone else.
"Tiffany, what's up?" he asked impatiently, he knew it was a fifty-fifty chance, either Gori died or Tiffah died.
"The bastard is dead" She concealed her worries with a laughter.
"Poison! Bullet!" he called, two hefty men came in, he made a sign and they exited immediately and came in few minutes later.
"Confirmed! He is down." Poison announced.
"You can go." he smirked. Immediately, he took off his clothes and made love to Tiffah.
"Why are you crying?" He asked after the sex.
"I'm afraid of losing you."
"I am here, Tiffah. I love you! I always dream of you being my wife that is if only you can stop being a prostitute." he felt a sharp pain in his stomach and ordered one of his bodyguards to get his a bottle of vodka. It grew worse and he started vomiting blood.
"Tiffah, what.... what is happening?" he groaned in pain
"I don't understand." Tiffah said amist tears. Poisons walked in.
"Boss, wetin?" he asked seeing Bills in a bad state, he alarmed other and all guys came into the room.
"Tiffah, wetin you do d don?" one of the guys asked.
"I don't know?" she replied wailing.
"Gee no dey that room again o." Bullet announced as he entered the room."Baba, Gee don disappear o!"
"call... call.... call my father." Bills d don groaned louder. He could barely open his eyes, he kept vomiting blood and he knew he would not make it, tears rolled down his eyes. He was to die for his father's sin. he struggled as his eyes closed gently and his heartbeat stopped. he was COLD Dead...


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