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Sunday, 21 January 2018


Written by bibi
His space was in a mess when he got to his lodge, his clothes littered the floor, his stove had been misplaced, he saw Ken sleeping on his bed. He arranged his clothes, returned the stove to its position then woke ken up.
"Ken,who did this?" He fumed.
"Say wetin? Do wetin?" Ken replied rubbing his eyes with his hands.
"Who disorganised my space?"
"Gori, na u? Na God go punish ur mama! I give u money say make u cook... U con chop am finish con here dey talk rubbish?you craze?" Ken cursed angrily.
"How do you expect me to cook with two hundred naira?" Gori asked.
"Dem swear for u? Dis boy don sick o!" Ken said clapping his hands.
"Oh oh oh!you won dey form jagaban so tay u don enter skul like dat, shey?you no dey look face? When I enter this school, na JSS 2 u go still dey o... Na u wan con dey form Superman, u beta take time" ken expressed.
"I actually cooked rice yesterday but you were not around, I ate the leftover this morning." Gori explained
"U beta go cook concortion" ken commanded.
"How can I Cook concoction with two hundred naira?
" I no day u geh rice, use d money buy pepper and oil"he left the room immediately.
The rest of the week was uneventful as the search for Gori's chubby lady proved abortive. On Friday, Gori was in the departmental Hall waiting for the arrival of the lecturer when Promise came around.
"Gori." She called out his name as she sat on the table facing him.
"Promise, good morning." He said grinning.
"Your dressing make sense today, keep it up." She commended. Gori was wearing a cream buba and soro with a cream cap, it was a Friday so he needed to dressed like a Yoruba man or so he thought. Promise, on the other hand was putting on an Ankara short gown, her hair packed in a twist, she was a pretty girl and it was Gori's first time of checking her out
"Are you going to your in-laws house?" A guy asked from the backseat and everyone around laughed. Gori was embarrassed, he could not take it anymore, so he left his bag and went outside, he saw one big tree right in front of their classroom and sat under, he preferred being alone than being laughed with by his colleagues.
"I am sorry." The guy who made jest of him was standing directly in front of him. Gori chuckled and told the guy it was nothing that he came outside because he was bored.
"Don't you have friends?" The guy asked. Gori told him his only friend was Promise, the girl in their class.
"Well, I am Anthony but you can call me Tony, I am from Enugu State" the guy said sitting close to him.
"I'm Gori from Akoko in Ondo state." He replied.
"Will you be my friend?"Tony asked.
" I don't have friends around, I will like to be your friend, Tony. " he replied. They started their friendship that Friday,exchanged contact and address. Tony promised to check him in the hostel on Saturday. He told Tony he would preferred coming to Tony's hostel instead. They attended lectures together and departed.
Gori left home early on Saturday morning as Ken had decided to show him hell. He was never enjoying the room as Ken had turned him into a slave who did dishes, cooked, washed and other. Ken was bullying him and he would steal from his wallet sometimes. He arrived at Tony's hostel around seven thirty in the morning and when Tony opened the door, he was shocked to see him that early morning.
"What happened? Why are you here so early?" Tony questioned as he led him into his space. He met a young fair guy laying on the other bed,greeted him but he never responded.
"Your room is lovely" Gori commented as he sat down on the Bed, he narrated what was going on between him and Ken to Tony.
"Wetin be im name" the young guy lying down asked in a n hoarse voice . Gori was terrified, how could a young guy abruptly an under twenty young boy possessed such a husky voice. He noticed the guy sat up and marvelled at his handsomeness, his body was filled with different tattoos and he had piercings on his nose and ears.He carried a rough dreaded hair that was shaped into a punk.
"No b u I dey follow yarn?" The guy asked again.
"His name is Ken, Kenneth." He replied
"I b Don, Bills d Don, na me be the only don dey dey control d dons even elder d don" the guy introduced himself. Gori gaze was fixed on the guy tattoos.
"U know wetin, let's be friends" the guy said. He dipped his hands into his back pocket and brought out fifteen one thousand naira notes.
"Go use this buy clothes and shoes, I go see u later." He said and went out. Gori gave Tony an askance look as he was yet to understood what was going on. How could a sane man give out fifteen thousand, a student for that matter.


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