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Monday, 22 January 2018



Tony and Gori went to the Lodge market and bought few shirts,trousers and a pair of sneakers. Gori offered Tony some but he refused bluntly telling him he needed the clothes more because of his poor dress sense. Tony saw him off to his lodge as he promised on checking him in the hostel the next day.
"Why would your roommate offer me such money, Tee. He is a student like us." Gori asked as Tony was about leaving.
"I'm confused too, Gori. Even though, we stay in the same room,we hardly talk. He would come to the hostel once in a while to rest. I heard he is just twenty years of age o, he is in four hundred level Banking and Finance. He is a rich dude, I learnt his father was a one time senator in Kwara state. Rumours have it that he is into Yahoo Yahoo. He cruise Xtera and Camry o. Omo, DAT boy na big boy, make in just teach me small, I wan blow o" Tony explained. Gori was marvelled and confused, he felt something was wrong somewhere. They departed that evening and Gori on getting to his lodge met his cartorn of noodles gone, his foodstuffs sack was gone too. He searched thoroughly and reported to the Portal when he could not find it,He slept on a bare stomach.
Ken came the next morning and Gori quickly asked if he saw his missing foodstuffs.
"Say wetin? I no no say na u get am na." Ken answered.
"Ken, this is unfair o. You've been bullying me since I came to this room as if I'm your younger brother."
"Younger brother Abi son? Sheybi you be twenty years? You no my age?I go turn thirty-nine next month and you still dey call una sef my brother?craze chop you?" Ken asked furiously.
"I'm sorry but where are my foodstuffs?" Gori begged. Ken moved closer and patted him on the shoulder.
"No vex,OmoGee. Na one babe find me come yesterday, na im pack am say she dey hungry" Ken begged.
"You mean you gave your girlfriend my foodstuffs!"Gori frowned.
" We go buy another naw Abi why you con dey frown?"Ken said as he dipped his hand into his back pocket and brought out two five hundred naira notes."Gori,oya take. Go lodge market go buy foodstuffs"
"How much is this?" Gori collected the money and counted it. "You mean one thousand naira to buy the food I'm suppose to feed on for the whole semester" he asked as tears soaked his eyes.
"You go put money join na" Ken responded nonchalantly as he made to his space.
"This is unfair, I have to report you to the portals. This bully is much" Gori cried out.
"Go report me to the V.C, coz portals no fit do me anything." Ken replied as he laid on his mattress.
Gori cried for some minutes before he left for the portal lodge, after lodging his complains, the portals advice him to either evacuate the room or resign to fate.
"You mean I should leave the room I paid for?" He asked
"Then you accept your fate, my child" the elderly portal replied.
"So you knew that man is a bully and you paired me with him"
"You came late. You see, Ken is feared among students and lecturers, he is the torn on the V.C's neck, even if you report him to the V.C, they would rather lock you up. My advice is if you have money, move to off campus" another portal warned.
Gori resigned to fate and returned to his hostel. He took his stove to the portal's lodge as advised, he bought little foodstuffs and soup ingredients with the one thousand and the other seven hundred the portals contributed for him. He cooked and ate in the portals lodge and left for his hostel after. He kept his foodstuffs and stove with the portals.
* * * *
Gori went to school the following morning looking pale, he had called his mum the previous night and explained everything to her, she complained bitterly of his father inability to get his siblings school fees and advised him to manage till she could get some money to send to him. He cried all night, he felt some strong hands on him during the night and upon opening his eyes, he saw Ken stark Unclad struggling to have his way with him. He struggled, shouted but Ken succeeded in raping him, yea... Ken deflowered him.
He sat in his favourite position that morning reminiscing his past days in school when he heard someone called his name, he turned to see Tony and Promise.
"Guys, good morning" he greeted trying to force a smile.
"You look sick, Are you fine?" Promise asked
"You have some sleep bags,did you sleep at all?" Tony asked too. Gori looked at both of them and saw how worried they look, just to cover his sadness, he busted into laughter, he laughed so hard that the duo exchanged an askance glance.
"I'm fine guys, just hungry" he said.
"Why don't you eat before coming to school?" Promise asked
"I woke up late" He answered.
"So you have nice clothes like this and you were wearing old hags last week" Promise commented. They all smiled. The lecturer came in, Promise went to her seat while the duo sat together. It was noon, Gori, Tony, Promise and her friends were seated on the lecture pew in the faculty general hall, Gori had explained what happened the following day leaving out the rape incident, Tony felt for him and told him Bills d Don would like to see him at his off campus apartment that afternoon, he told him Bills d Don had been nice to him since Gori's visit. He gave him his address as he had been warned not to come with him. The girls were also gisting and laughing, Gori brought out his jotter and started composing a poem on his unfortunate experience when he heard someone called his name, it sounded much like his mother's voice, he looked up just to see his dream grinning at him.
"Chubby queen" he called out absentmindedly.
"Excuse me" the girl said feeling embarrassed.
"Oh, sorry. Ehm ehm ehm...." He tried recollecting the girl's name.
"Tiwatope" the Lady helped him out.
"Sorry, I preferred calling you my chubby queen. Where have you been?" He asked
" London to see the queen" Fiwa responded smiling.
"You said your department is next to mine, I checked both Early Childhood and French but you were not there."
"My department is Early Childhood. I was admitted to the school clinic that was why I've not been around."
"So sorry about that, how are you feeling now?he asked.
" better, I'm fine "
"Please, can I have your number. We need to talk. He said bringing out his Nokia Torchlight phone and handed it to her, she tried punching the '0' key but it seized, Gori had forgotten the key can only be operated by him and his father, yes his father, his father gave him the phone including the sim card when he was coming to school. He exchanged glances with Tony, he was embarrassed. Tiwatope returned the phone to him, gave him her Nokia express music to type his number which he did, she later called him and asked him to save her number. Promise and her friends busted into laughter as soon as Tiwa left for her seat. Gori was embarrassed, Tiwa's phone intimidated his'. He determined that very moment that money must be made...


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