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Monday, 22 January 2018



  Kpa kpa kpa was the noise coming out of the room opposite the room he sat waiting for Bills d Don, the noise was so much that he felt so uncomfortable. He searched the eyes of the two hefty guys who stood few meters from him and knew something was not wrong because he was deliberating on whether to go and save whosoever was shouting or not. Few minutes later, a girl walked out of the room stark Unclad,she walked past him into another room, he searched through the two guys and he knew no one give a damn. "The girl knew no shame" he said to himself. How could a young fair lady walk unclad so freely without any iota of shame. Bills d Don stepped into the room with two other guys and Gori knew he was as shameless as the Lady, he was clad in a yellow shorts and that was all. Gori knew from the two guys look, Bills d Don had had sex with the lady in their presence. He stood up immediately Bills d Don got to his seat.
"Afternoon sir." He greeted with respect even when he knew vividly that he was older than Bills d Don.
"Ao far, guy. Sidon na" Bills responded as they both sat on the Sofa.
"Thanks for the other day Sir. May God continue to enrich your pocket."
"No worry, guy."
"Tony said you wanted to see me."
"Oh yeah" Bills adjusted in his seat.
"OmoG, I want to tell you a short story"
"Go ahead"
"What if you have an ugly dog as a pet, visitors scream at the sight of your pet, then after a while, this dog started terrorising your visitors and neighbours , biting them and killing their pets and children, even when you put it on sale, no one wanted to buy it. what would you do? Never forget the fact that the ugly dog is your favourite." He asked. Gori reminisced on what Bills story for a while.
"I will kill it" he said looking straight into Bills eyes. Bills guffawed. He loved Gori's spirit, he had a feelings Gori had a knowledge of what he was talking about. He knew he really needed to poison Gori's spirit to get the school's greatest nightmare.
Gori,on the other hand, knew Bills was referring to Ken, the portals told him the previous day that even the VC dreaded Ken. He thought of the rape incident and he felt more hatred for Ken, he hurriedly gulped the cup of beer in front of him not caring it belonged to Bills. He squeezed his fist in such a manner that even the guys guarding Bills feared he wanted to fight.
"I love your spirit, OmoG" he smirked. Gori's eyes were bloodshot and all he was thinking of was how to kill Ken.
"You have to see the VC tomorrow." Gori looked straight into Bill's eyes, he was not ready to face the VC... He came into the institution barely a week ago and he was about entering a poop. Though he was afraid, Gori was blinded by revenge. He cared less about anyone and everyone, he wanted to end the life of his nightmare.
* * * * *
Gori was sited on a black leather chair in a well furnished office, the receptionist had offered him a chilled bottled water and he had drank it almost halfway. He was scared and nervous to face the school's number one citizen. An old age man walked into the office, he was clad in a brown suit, he was in his early sixties.
"Good afternoon, Sir." He stood up and greeted. The man responded and sat opposite Gori. He waved him to sit which he did abruptly, he was not comfortable sitting close to the man whose eyes could pierce a hardened heart, he looked so firm and he never laughed. Rumours had it that he was a sadist.
"Do you know why you are here?" The VC asked as he scanned through Gori's eyes.
"Yes" he responded firmly. He looked so dangerous that even the VC was terrified.
"What is your name, course and age?" The VC asked.
"Goriola Fatoyinbo. I am twenty years, I'm studying English and Education, 100level." He replied.
"What fraternity do you belong to?" Gori kept quiet, he was confused, he had never heard such word.
"I mean, are you a cultist?" The VC expressed.
"No sir." He replied
"Why do you think you can handle this situation? Five renown cultists and herbalists tried doing this but they all ended up dying" The VC explained, he liked the young man sitting opposite him because he looked much like his late son. The way the young chap stared at him made him terrified.
"I will do it" Gori said firmly and stood up, he left the office before the VC could say anything.


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