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Tuesday, 23 January 2018



He got to the hostel and went of Ken's corner immediately, He opened his wardrope and saw a packet of cigarette and a bottle of Chelsea gin.... He lit the cigarette,dragged it and puffed the smoke,he drank the gin until he felt hot down his throat. It was his first time of smoking and drinking such gin but he cared less, he needed to think and he learnt smoking and drinking helped a lot for thorough thinking. He was casting his mind back to what the VC told him about Ken, after thinking for few minutes, he came into conclusion that he must see how powerful Kenneth was.
He laid on his bed but could not sleep, Ken came in few minutes later and perceived the smell of alcohol and cigarette, he quickly went to his wardrobe and noticed something was amiss. He tapped Gori and ushered him to stand up.
"Wetin dey smell for this room?"
"I no no o"
"Who smoked and drank this Chelsea drink?" He picked up the gin bottle as he spoke correct English the first time since Gori knew him.
"Oh that, I was the one" he smiled
"Why you go touch my property?"
"Don't you touch mine" Ken felt defeated.
"See, no touch my things wen I no dey again o" he warned.
"Ken, please, give me more gins and cigarette, I need to get high... There is this Lady I'm planning to visit tonight." He said smiling.
"You mean you wan sample chick" Ken grinned
"You sabi kpash?"
"Why not?"
"Na ote you be jor buh I go help you, carry the babe come this room, I go sample am first then u go finish the parole." He said grinning so hard.
"Ken, what's that naw? OK, I promise to cook concortion for you."
"OmoG, I no need concortion, you no wetin u go do, arrange one babe for me, I go give you this room tonight."
"No deal!"Gori knew vividly he was not bringing any lady into the room but he needed to get closer to Ken to know his weakest point.
Gori was claded in a Knickerbocker and white vest, the Knickerbocker belonged to his father, almost all the clothes he brought to school were his father's, he called Tiwatope to notify her that he was on the way, Ken sat on his bed looking for a way to make Gori arrange a girl for him.
" guy, wassup naw."
"I'm going out, ken."
"No carry any girl come this room or I go report u o" he warned, Gori laughed at his foolishness.
"No pee, I go rent hotel" ken felt defeated and decided to resigned to his fate.
"The concortion nko?"
"Concortion ko, agbo ni" Gori replied and left the room
She had begged her friend, Kayode to escort her to meet her new friend, Goriola. She had confided in her friend about the feelings she had for Goriola.
"Tiwa, I don't see a point in what you are saying. You mean you're having feelings for that clumsy guy who is always disorganized?"
"Kay, I've never felt this way for a guy. I think I love this guy." She confessed.
"Love you say? You mean you are in love with that wretched clumsy guy? Just hear yourself, girlfriend. What do you see in that gorilla? That short thing?" She hissed.
"Kay, this is the first time i am falling in love with a guy. I couldn't even sleep."
"Tiwa, your mother is a lecturer in this school and your father a renowned politician. How would they feel if they discovered you wanted to date a church rat?"
"Don't speak ill of him, remember, Goodluck Jonathan had no shoes" By now,they had sighted Gori from afar.
"Stop that, we're approaching him." Tiwa warned.
"Lover girl, what is your Princecharming wearing" Kayode said and bursted into laughter.
"Stop that now!" Tiwa hit her trying to conceal her embarrassment, Gori was an embarrassment.
"See your Princecharming knicker, one of the pair is enough to do sack race" Tiwa could not help but laughed, when it came to dressing, Gori is worst.
He knew the girls were making jest of him and he felt embarrassed, he greeted them even though Kayode was giving him attitudes, he cared less. Kayode excused herself as she went to sit on a bench some miles away.
The duo settled on a log of wood and they talked about their families,school and all. It was dark and kayode had started complaining from afar that they were wasting her time. Goriola told Tiwa he had feelings for her and he wished they could be lovers, Tiwa did not think twice before she said yes! The reason was that both were amateurs and knew nothing about love, they were only following their immatured mind and wanted to taste what school life was all about having a lover. They departed and Gori left for his hostel.
On getting to his lodge market, he decided to buy a bottle of wine for Ken and also a wrap of weed. Ken was listening to musics from a mp3 player when Gori entered, he greeted and handed him the wine and wraps of weed. Ken smiled as he collected it, he dragged the weed and drank the wine, when Gori noticed he was high, he decided it was high time he find out things about Ken.
"Ken, I heard you have spent fifteen years in this school?"
"No be fifteen o.... Na fourteen joo" he replied
"What happened?" Gori asked.
"No be wetin I want na im be dat? I like am DAT way. You no no say na me dey control VC and others for this school, if I graduate, who I go control" he replied.
"Ken, I could see you were never happy, what led you to this wayward lifestyle." Gori asked. There was total silence, then suddenly, Ken bursted into tears.


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