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Tuesday, 23 January 2018


Gori watched as ken cried, he wondered why a grown stone-hearted man like Ken would cry.
"They ruined my future!" He said amidst tears.
"How?" Gori was lost and confused.
"They turned my five-year course to fourteen years!and now they want me dead! Men are wicked!" He Cried.
"Ken, what happened?"
"Gori, I finished secondary school at the age of nineteen,got admission at age twenty-five after a lot of struggling. I engaged in some domestic jobs for staffs and students during my first year. I had a girlfriend then who loved me so much, she was a virgin. So she reported the VC who was then a lecturer to me that he was making advances towards her, as a fearless guy, I confronted this man to leave my girlfriend, and that was where the trouble started, he kept pestering my girlfriend and ended up raping her in his office. My girlfriend kept this from me until she got pregnant, she had no one else to talk to so she came to me. I was devastated and sad when I heard the news but I resigned to fate, then I followed her to the VC's office and when we broke news to him, he denied. It was after we threatened him that he accepted to take responsibility, he begged me to cover up for him that he would take responsibility but I would father the child. I accepted since I love my girlfriend. I went to meet her parents and claimed responsible for the pregnancy I knew nothing about, they rained abuses on me for ruining their daughter's life. I bore the insults and i knew that day they hated me so much.
My girlfriend came crying one day that the VC and a friend of his had raped her again, I was angry,scolded her but she claimed she was drugged and promised to see him the following morning, we went to his office and met his friend too. I confronted them and promised to expose them, they both apologised and promised such would never happened again, we came up with a plan that my girlfriend should not go and see him alone anymore, they both agreed and offered me an alcoholic drink and my girlfriend a fruit juice. It was late when we to this room, yes!this is the room I've been using for the past fourteen years. My girlfriend claimed she was too weak to go home that night so she slept in this room. When I woke up the following morning, I met her in a pool of her own blood. I raised an alarm and she was rushed to the clinic where she gave up the ghost. I was detained and later remanded in kirikiri. I impregnated her, drugged her and kept her in my hostel was the rumours they spread. I spent two years before I was released. I did not go home or comeback here immediately, I went to a powerful old man where I got initiated, I killed seven pregnant women to become powerful. I was bent on killing these two men who killed my love, I terrorised them and their house but they are both powerful. They raided my family house, killed my brother and father just to send me a message to quit and that is the last thing I would do. Gori, I knew you are a fearless guy, you will see a black diary in my wardrobe, my mother's present location is on page sixteen, the girl I impregnated location is on page seventy two. Details of the man that initiated me in on page twenty five, all you need to know about Senator Anifowose and Prof. Goriola Anikulapo and their children is on pages fifty one and two. I know they think you can kill me because I raped you,I know you hated me but they wanted to waste your life too. Go through the diary well and take revenge on those who cheated me. I'm going to die now and you're going to take the glory... Gori, seek revenge! Get me water."he said, Gori hurried gave him a sachet water near his bed.
"Ken, I felt for you but don't give, seek revenge before your death" Gori begged amidst tears.
"It is too late, Gori. I'm fed up, I needed to go and meet my love ones over dere. The pins to my ATM cards are in the diary, withdraw everything, give some to my mum, my pregnant girlfriend and take the rest." He said and started reciting some incantations, he drank the water, he vomited a small coffin-like small box and gave it to Gori.
"Take this to the old man" he said as he handed box to Gori. He took a knife and before Gori could stop him, it had pierced through his heart.
Gori watched in horror as Ken groaned in pains.
"Revenge or my blood will be upon you!" Hot tears fell from Ken's eyes, Gori was in tears too. It was a gory sight to behold.
"I ... am sorry.... for everything" Ken said and took his last breathe.


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