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Wednesday, 24 January 2018



"Revenge!... Revenge!!... Revenge!!! was all Gori could hear, there was breeze in the room. He looked at Ken's lifeless body once again before he made for his phone, he placed a call through Bills who picked at the second ring
"Hello.... Hello.... Hello...." Gori could not respond, he contemplated telling him the truth or not.
"I killed him" he whispered and swallowed hard. There was silence from both ends
"Gori, leave your hostel now!" Bills said and ended the Call.
He packed ken's diary, ATM cards and the black coffin into a black nylon and left for Tony's room. He kept hearing footsteps behind him till he got to Tony's lodge.
Tony opened after the fifth knock and was surprised to see Gori.
"OmoG, wetin happen?" He asked with a sleepy eyes.
"I ki.... I ... I am coming from night class and... and Ken...." He paused. He felt Ken's presence and he started panicking. "Ken .... locked the door already"
"Are you okay?" Tony asked as they entered the room.
"I need to rest my head" he said as he retired in Bills bed. He thought about his life that moment and shed tears silently.
"He succeeded killing Ken."
"Are you sure he is not going to intimidate us"
"We must kill him as soon as possible."
"I'm fed up of all this, Gori. This offence was committed fourteen years ago! Must we keep killing people to cover up our or your sins?"
"John, we have no other option."
"I'm not part of this o. Almost ten lives have been lost all for our own sins. I'm not part of this any longer!"
"John, your political career is at stake. "
"You impregnated the girl not me"
"We both raped her thereafter."
"See the trouble I have landed myself into all in the name of seeking power."
"That power brought you where you were today."
"The same power that does not eat rice or meat except Virgins."
"Are you not famous enough, John."
"I wished I never followed Ur footsteps back then. After all, I was just a lecturer."
"Yes, a lecturer! But that powers earned me this VC seat and you , a senatorial post."
"I have an idea"
"What idea?"
"We are going go make sure that Gori boy was imprisoned"
"We're going to do just that."
"We're going to make sure he rust in jail."


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