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Wednesday, 24 January 2018



Gori heard the conversation between the VC and another man. He felt betrayed, Kenneth died because of those men and they were there planning how to destroy him. He left without seeing the VC and only one thing was on his mind... REVENGE!!!
He sat in his favourite position reminiscing what had been happening in his life. He knew he had to act fast before those men shattered his dreams.
"OmoG!" He heard his name faintly.
"What are you thinking about?" He heard Promise asked.
"Nothing babe." He said.
"I've been calling your name since" suddenly, ken's picture flashed through Promise face and Gori kept staring at her.
"Gori, why are you staring at me? Are you fine? Your mind is far from here." She complained tapping him.
"I... I... I am sor... ry bae. Your beauty is captivating" he said trying to cover up.
"Oh really?" She blushed.
"You're a very beautiful woman" Promise jumped up, that was when ken's image came again.
"Promise, why are you wearing a black Jean?" He asked foolishly.
"I don't understand... Do you mean this is the first time I'm wearing a black jean." She asked confusingly.
"I mean it fits you. You look hot in trousers." He replied wiping off sweat with his brown handkerchief.
"Go.... Revenge!!! Go...Revenge!!!" Gori heard Ken's voice. He closed his eyes firmly in horror. He saw flashes of how Ken stabbed himself and opened his eyes again... This time, Tony was staring at him .
"I... I ... I saw.... I mean I ... I .... Inspirations! I mean I wanted to compose a poem." He blabbed.
"Anyways, what is going on in your hostel?" Tony asked sitting beside him.
"My hostel?He was alarmed. He shifted uncomfortably in his seat.
" Your lodge had been deserted, they claimed they were unable to sleep in the night. Even the portals took to their heels, they said they were strange voices and footsteps everywhere and there was blood. It littered all over the tiles." Tony narrated.
"I heard it started from Ken's room" the guy sitting beside them added. Tony and Gori exchanged glances.
"My friend here is ken's roommate" Tony busted. The three exchanged glance.
"Guy, you no dey room?" The new guy asked.
"He slept in my room" Tony answered
"I got to the hostel late yesterday and when Ken refused to open the door, I left" Tony stared at him suspiciously. A call came in through Ken's phone, it was Tiwa.
"Chubby princess" Ken called out happily, he forgot his worries that moment.
"Where are you?"
"Department" he answered.
"I am outside your department" she announced
"Come in"
"No. Meet me outside now, its urgent". Gori stood up immediately and went outside the hall. He recognised his princess immediately and went to meet her.
" Honey" he called out smiling, Tiwa dragged him to the back of the hall.
"Ken, what happened in your hostel?" She asked looking worried.
"Tony was telling me this morning. I had a fight with Ken last night after we departed, so I went to night class. On getting back to the hostel, Ken refused to open the door for me so I slept at my friend's lodge."
"So you know Ken is dead?"
"Which ken? We had a fight last night, he is alive joo" he smiled
"See, Gori. My mum works in this school and she is very close to the VC. She heard it from the VC that Ken is dead and it was his spirit that was haunting people last night. She said he had ordered the arrest of his roommate. Gori, I'm scared." She narrated with tears in her eyes. He was silent.
"Gori, run away. I can afford to lose you. You can come back when school is settled. I'll meet your friends to cover up that you travelled." Gori felt for her, he drew her closer and hugged her. He knew he must stay strong for Tiwa, their love was pure and he could not afford to lose her for what he knew less about. An idea stucked his mind and he laughed. He knew the way out of this mess.... REVENGE.
"Tiwa, I knew Ken is dead" He said calmly still holding her. She was startled, she looked straight into his eyes.
"Gori, did you kill him?"
"Princess, I didn't. He stabbed himself."
"I don't know." He looked into her eyes and knew she believed him. She sobbed as she hugged him again.
Gori was sitted on an eighteen seater bus with his backpack in his hands. He was on his way to a village in Ogun state (name withheld). He thought about his last in the past one week.... From his parents advice to meeting Chubby Princess, Bills and the VC. He thought of Ken who had been by his side since his death and his new mission. He alighted in front of a small old house and walked into the house. He greeted the young man and asked if it was Oluwo's house. He met with Oluwo, a blind aged man in his late nineties, a fragile tall man. He was claded in a big brownish white wrapper, he laid on a big campchair chewing stick.
"Good afternoon Sir!"He greeted
" Omogoriola, how are you?"Oluwo greeted. Gori was shocked, did ken told this man about him.
"You were shocked right? I knew you even before you were born. I knew your mission in life. Ken was here earlier and I was there when he killed himself in the night" the man laughed, he gestured Gori to sit in front of him.
"Goriola, I'm going to invoke Ken's spirit right now and we all are going to have a conversation". Gori was scared, he wanted to go back, he wanted everything to stop, he wanted to defer his admission, he wanted to go back home.


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