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Tuesday, 30 January 2018



All through the night,I kept on thinking about Aiden,that little smirk displayed on his beautiful face. But I didn't forget about his cockiness,I smiled slightly hugging my duvet. Yeah,call me a
love sick puppy. I knew I was only infatuated by his good looks but there was something more that I couldn't lay my fingers on.
I woke up thirty minutes before my alarm went off and quickly had my bath,I was a little joyous today so I decided to comb my curly dark brown hair. But seeing my hair was as stubborn as me it didn't bulge instead making it even curlier I don't know if it's possible. Frustrated,I signed and dropped the comb in defeat and went into my closet scanning for a perfect outfit to match with my positive attitude today. I wasn't really a fashionista or paid attention to good outfit combos but I pulled through looking my best.
I was confused staring at the section of dresses,jeans,jackets and tops,so I settled in for skinny jeans and halter top with a matching converse,I went to my mirror stand and got out a mascara and applied it to my eyelashes with a lip gloss. Viola,my everyday makeup,not more than a minute.
Went downstairs to see mum smiling on the phone, wow,mum's got a date.
"So who's the lucky man huh?" I teased my mum,slightly nudging her arm playfully,she glared at me and continued her conversation upstairs.
After dad left us ten years ago. Mum didn't go on dates for about two years owning to the shock she had. My Dad got married immediately they got divorced and has two children with a different woman,I heard she was Asian.
Then Mum started going on few dates which didn't end well,she didn't take the relationships too far. I guess she played safe not to get hurt again.
the hallway was filled with kids either bickering or laughing about something unrelated to school work. I got to my green locker,monotonously loading it with hard cover textbooks and notepads then closed and locked it shut. I was about going to the spot I saw on my way to school since I was fifteen minutes early until..
"Are you related to Kim K?,cause that butt sure looks like it is" I heard a cocky voice say behind me,the nerves. My butt wasn't even big,I had a medium sized butt thank you very much.
I glared at the person no other than Sam,the Asher guy with the highest amount of girls laid. I rolled my eyes at his gorgeous figure.
"Are you a banana?,because I find you a-PEEL-ing" Oh God,what the heck is wrong with this dude.
"I think you need to see a doctor Sam,it's an advice you know" I said and was about walking away when he stood at my front wearing a smirk.
"I did see a doctor,but guess what he said?" He asked peering at me.
"That you needed a vitamin YOU" I rolled my eyes "Sam like I said,cheesy puns or pick up lines don't work with me" I folded my hands smiling. He shook his head disappointingly then smiled.
"You must be my backyard Tamara,cause I really DIG you" he said confidently with a wink.
I glared at him and said "not even close,ain't you tired of trying?"
"Girls will die to get one of my famous lines you know Sugar"
"Well that's the problem,I'm not them twinkle toes" I retorted back.
"There's more Tamara,there's more"
"Can't wait Sam,can't wait" I mimicked him seeing that it was my cue to leave and I took it dashing off to my new favourite spot beside our school's football field. I settled down on the grass,and took out my pocket note and started to scribble random words and an attempt to draw the beautiful flowers around the field side lines but shamelessly failed since I had no talents,then I felt something move from the little tree,then boom it's was in front of my very eyes,beautiful bright blue eyes staring at my hazel ones not even blinking..


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