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Wednesday, 31 January 2018



"Ahh,Ralph you scared the Bee-Jeezus out of me" I pushed yet another insanely cute Asher away from me making him fall hard on his butt judging from the way he's rolling on the clean grass floor groaning in pain.
"Tamara,you shouldn't do that to anyone" he whined getting up and wiping little to no dust from his leather pants.
"And why's that" I narrowed my eyes at him waiting for his response.
"You have a hand made of iron,let me have a look" he moved closer to me taking my little hands in his large one assessing them,then he dropped it abruptly and i scooted over to let him sit with me. The surrounding was cool and we stayed like that for five minutes until..
"There was one time I fell from a cliff, I didn't know what actually happened but I remembered my self taking selfies in thin air before laying unconscious on the ground"
I laughed hard clutching my stomach. There was only one person who could make dying seem fun. And that's..
Yes you guessed right. Ralph.
"Don't you dare laugh at me,I almost died you know" he glared at me.
"Oh really?" I questioned trying to sound serious but couldn't cause stray sounds of laughter kept on blowing my cover.
"I suffered a concussion,three broken ribs and a dislocated arm with bruises all over my face" he said counting his fingers as he talked,my mouth grew wide and I gasped covering my mouth with my hands.
"Why are you telling me this?" I asked,I mean we met yesterday I know he invited me to his party but we barely know each other.
"Everyone knows, no biggie" he shrugged,then he eyed me and smiled briefly.
"We should be heading to class now Tamara" he got up and held his hands out for me and when I took it,he released his and my medium sized butt came crashing on the floor. I groaned rubbing my now bruised butt. If looks could kill,Ralph would be six feet under now.
"That's for my bruised butt Tam" he laughed and continued "oh don't forget my party at 9" he winked and disappeared. Did he think I could trust him by going to his party after his act of betrayal...oh no I don't think so. I dragged my self up and walked painfully to the hallway.
"Hey!,wait up" I turned to see Max and Flora waving happily at me they moved forward smiling.
"Hey" Max grinned then he looked at my hands laying on my butt then he shook his head "your time of the month huh?" He asked a little bit loudly and I blushed seeing some group of boys who walked past us but turned and laughed at me.
"Will you keep it down,and no it's not my time of the month" I answered trying to keep my voice down.
"You don't need to lie to us girlfriend,I understand totally" Flora shook her head. I groaned shaking my head.
"Who do you understand now Flo?" Amber walked in asking.
"Tamara here who thinks her period is gross" Flora said like it was nothing.
"What the!,will you guys shut up already and let's hurry to class" they all nodded but as we did we heard a quick "listen up" coming from the speakers in the hallway. Everyone turned and stopped at their tracks bickering about what the principal was going to say now.
"Listen up everyone,we are going on a field trip next week" she started. A group of three girls behind me squealed but it was replaced with a whiny frown when principal Maureen stated it was for seniors only. What was the biggie about field trips?
Who am I kidding,I love anything that deals with fields trips involving more than three people. I mean I went on boring ones with my best friend Trina and her twin Tryson which never ends well cause hey!, her twin Tryson hate my guts and he finds that as a good time to carry out his devious means on me for his own satisfaction which is a 'smirk'..

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