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Tuesday, 30 January 2018


A story written by Chekwube Emmanuel…
I couldn’t describe what or how I felt on hearing that. Instantly, I made up my mind to face the worst and make the call. Sitting up, I walked towards the couch and picked my phone, scrolling down to my sister’s number. As she saw me with the phone and the look I had on, she must have guessed what I was about to do. She sprang up to her feet and rushed towards me snatching the phone from my hand with a question.
“What are you doing?”
“I am calling my siblings,” I replied confused.
“Calling your siblings? Is that the only solution you can think about? Do you think I don’t have siblings to call too?” she barked at me furiously.
“I don’t want to put you in harms way Precious. This is the only way I know of making it right without endangering your life. I have to take responsibility for my actions,” I retorted.
“Your actions you say? Why are you bleeping being so self centered? What if I never mentioned this to you, will you be calling your sibling now or helping me find a solution? How are you even sure that it’s yours?” she fired back with blazing eyes.
“Do I have a course to think that it’s not mine? If it’s not mine you wouldn’t have mentioned it to me at first,” I spat back.
“Fine then, read my lips. It’s not yours,” she shouted flinging my phone to God knows where. “And just make sure that you don’t mention my name to whoever you are calling,” she continued walking towards her room angrily.
I stood dazed with anger watching as she walked towards her room. few steps to her door, she suddenly stood still and held her tummy staggering backwards. I snapped out from my anger immediately and rushed towards her.
“What is it, what is wrong with you?” I asked supporting her to my body.
“I don’t know, let go of me,” she replied still clutching her stomach.
Without a word, I carried her into the room and placed her on the bed as she still clutched to her tummy.
“Please talk to me, what is wrong with you?” I asked staring down at her.
“I don’t know, just started feeling a severe cramp.”
“Have you ever felt something like this before?” I queried on.
“No, I mean yes. The first time I saw my period and sometimes in final year.”
“Did you take anything, any medication?”
“No I didn’t,” she replied pain written all over her face.
“Precious tell me the truth. We have to know what we are dealing with. If there is anything you took, I need you to come out clean now.”
“I didn’t take anything for crying out loud,” she barked at me furiously.
I stood up pacing the length of the room while she turned around and laid face down. I was lost in thought of the next action to take when an almost empty bottle of Jack Daniels with a glass cup at the foot of the bed caught my eyes. Walking towards it, I took the bottle and raised it up fixing my gaze at her.
“What is this?” I asked.
She ignored me and slipped her hand into her bum shot.
“Precious what is this?” I asked again angrily.
“Purity that is a bottle of Jack Daniels can’t you see it?” she retorted throwing her face away.
“ When did you start drinking to this extent?”
“Oh! Please. Do you think the last two days has been easy for me. I haven’t been able to sleep without that.”
“So you finished this within a space of two days?”
Obviously not going to answer me, she stood up and headed towards the bathroom. I sat down on the bed knowing the implication of what she has done. I was still in the same position when she came out.
“Baby I think my period is out. The cramp is a sign of it, though it doesn’t come always, it comes once in a while and goes. I think it was delayed,” she said walking towards her wardrobe.
“You told me you ran a test, can I see the strip?
Are you sure it came out positive? Like you are sure the double lines appeared?”
“I can’t remember. I must have panicked and I think I was drunk when I ran the test. I’m sorry” she said walking back into the room with a sanitary pad.
Taking the cup from the foot of the bed, I poured the remaining contents of the bottle into it and ran it down in one swift gulp dropping the cup and bottle back on the floor. It didn’t take long before the drink started taking its effect and I laid down to sleep and a peaceful sleep I had.
To Be Continued…

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