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Monday, 5 February 2018


She locked up at me with questioning eyes. For an answer, I turned on the shower and parting her bum, I speared my way into her. She moaned heavily as a harder knock came again the third time.
Adjusting myself to get a good balance, I started hitting her slowly picking up pace. The slapping of my flesh against hers together with the running shower produced an Intimate sound that filled everywhere in the room and beyond. I held her in that position ramming into her with all the strength I could muster but making sure not to push her so hard so that she wouldn’t hit her head on the WC.
When I felt the position was becoming uncomfortable for her, I moved to pull her up but she grabbed my leg with one hand urging me to continue. That gave me the go ahead to kill her from that position. It wasn’t long that I continued that her moan took another dimension before she finally went stiff and quiet. I expected to see her Pour gushing out but no, I saw nothing rather her walls clasped so tight around my Joystick tighter than when I penetrated her. Her püssy felt like it was breathing, milking at my Joystick. I know I wouldn’t last much longer and so increased the pace of my thrusts. Few seconds later, my knees buckled and my seeds came rushing in time for me to pull out sprayed it all over her back and legs as she still remained in that position not moving a muscle aside her heavy breathing.
When I finished spraying my spërm on her, I relaxed back on the wall exhausted and happy to have accomplished my mission. We both stayed at our different position till we recovered ourselves before she turned around tears in her eyes and threw her hands around my neck while the water poured down on us and just then, the knock came again.
After a while, I turned off the shower. We dried our body before leaving for the room. she went straight to the bed while I headed to the kitchen. Pouring some Mc Dowels into a cup. I gulped it down and poured another one. I took it to the room and handed it over to her. Without a word, she collected it and took it all down handing the cup back to me.
Coming out from the kitchen, I wore my briefs and went to check who was on the door. I had a thought that it wouldn’t be far from IJ and when I opened the door she was standing there eyes filled with rage and hatred.
“I have been knocking,” she said more like a question as I opened the door.
“Yea I know but was busy., what’s up?” I asked.
She made to voice out something which stuck to her throat. She looked away for a while before asking that I help her with my charger. She had tears gathering in her eyes but was trying to hide them. Without a word, I went in, picked the charger and handed it over to her. She collected it and left as I locked the door and went back to Purity on the bed. MISSION ACCOMPLISHED.
Never say never. We had another crazy round early in the morning of which I used to drive home my point and upped my ego. Don’t play with a guy that is trying to protect his pride.
To Be Continued…

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