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Thursday, 1 February 2018


A story written by Chekwube Emmanuel…
“Who were you talking with outside?” she asked from the kitchen.
“Funke and her rummie,” I replied pressing away on my phone.
Appearing from the kitchen she asked,
“When did you guys become that close that you now answer Niyola’s husband?”
“What do you mean?”
“Didn’t you hear what Funke said when she called Niyola?”
“How am I supposed to hear what she said in her dialect?” I retorted.
“She said, Niyola your husband is looking for you?” she interpreted.
I laughed on hearing the meaning of what they had said. And to think that I even wanted to repeat it made it more funny.
“Those girls sha,” I said after laughing.
“I came out when I heard voices and was surprised to see you chatting and laughing with them.” She said.
“Ok, that happens once in a while. We are not going to be strangers forever.”
“Hmmm!! Ok o.” she said and eyed me before turning to go back into the kitchen.
“Wait, are you jealous,” I threw at her before she could enter the kitchen.
“Of what? You and them?” she said stopping in her track. “They don’t stand a chance to compete with me.”
“You are crazy, I swear,” I cursed before entered the kitchen.
“Thanks boo,” she shouted from the kitchen.
Shania’s call entered immediately IJ left. We talked at length after which she told me that she would be coming around the following day for the weekend before the call ended.
After the call, IJ dished the food. Done eating, we relaxed back to catch up on happenings. We talked irrelevant issues when she suddenly asked,
“Have you taken care of the thing you told me you needed to take care of?”
“Yea, it’s sorted out already, thanks”
“You really got me worried because I didn’t know what to think or how to help. I just had to leave you be and suck in my room.”
“Sorry, I know I got you worried,” I apologized.
“Is it about Shania?” she asked.
“Nah, not at all. She doesn’t even know about it.”
“Since you have taken care of it, let me not try to dig,” she said giving up.
“Better o, because you won’t dig out anything.” I replied making a face at her.
“But how far with you and Shania, are you guys cool?”
“Yea, cool as cool, why?”
“Nothing just a question.”
“Ok cool. She will be coming tomorrow self for the weekend.”
“That means I should just find my way and stay away from here for the weekend,” she said laughing.
“I have told you that you can always come and join in the fun if you want. I can do a party.”
“Nah, I am going to have mine before she comes,” she said with naughty smile.
“Have your own what?” I asked feigning ignorance of what she was talking about.
“Until when I come for it you will know.”
“Ok then let me go and shower sha,” I said standing up to leave.
“Yea me too.” She said, “Purity” she called stopping me on my track.
“Yea?” I answered turning to face her.
“Uhmmm!! About what you saw earlier, the man that dropped me off ……….” She started before I interrupted her.
“IJ it is none of my business. You owe me no explanation ok?”
“Just listen to me please,” she said with pleading eyes.
“No I won’t. Let’s not get personal on that ok?” I said walking out.
“Ok, don’t lock your net, I am coming,” she said behind me.
To Be Continued…