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Thursday, 1 February 2018


A story written by Chekwube Emmanuel…
I showered, and laid on the bed with just my boxer browsing through my phone waiting for IJ. I know that with the whole don’t lock your net meant something was going to go down but I was trying to muster all the courage I could to tell her off without hurting her feelings. When it comes to S£x, people can easily get offended with little issues especially when they feel rejected.
I heard my net open and IJ walked in on a short pink night wear that did well to cover nothing. As she bolted the net, she secured the door and dropped her key on the cart beside the bed which is a clear indication that she was sleeping over. Tapping off the light switch, she walked to the bed and climbed over me making sure to press her Bosom down on me before rolling over to the wall end of the bed. She had that natural arousing scent mixed with that of her face cleanser.
That was a moment of hard decision for me. I was torn between pouncing on her and keeping to my new decision. A mind which works with my Joystick was urging me to go on ahead and eat the last super while another was subtly telling me not to. To make decision making harder the more, my Joystick was gathering strength and pushing my boxer upwards.
Like she knew that I was finding it hard making a decision, she kept to herself not making any move. After a while, she turned around facing the wall, shooting out her bum as it pressed on my ribs region sending some goose bump over me. I could feel her flesh on mine as her nightie has gone up leaving her bum bare. She kept moving it at interval making sure that I got a feel of her flesh each time.
Her actions were making it very hard for me to stand on my prior decision. I fought the urge fiercely but it seemed to be a lost battle.
Succumbing to defeat, I placed phone at the foot of the bed, turned around and caressed the length of her fresh laps up to her bum. With a little strength to my fingers, I squeezed her bum before dipping my her hand in between her laps locating her Kittycat lips.
While I did this, she kept quiet and steady like she was sleeping oblivious of what was going on. As I touched her labias, I felt her wetness as she opened her laps giving me unhindered access to dig deep into her.
As she opened her laps, I reluctantly withdrew like she has done what she wasn’t supposed to do. As I withdrew, I turned around as our back turned to each other. We stayed in silence for some moments before she whispered,
“Purity are you ok?”
“Yea I’m fine,” I replied picking my phone to distract my mind as my hard on was still very firm.
“Why did you stop?” she asked again in a whisper.
“IJ I am not in the mood. My mind is not here,” I replied clicking on a file from my media as mixed pictures of Shania and I started displaying on the screen.
She turned around throwing her hands around me and also drawing closer till her Bosom was so pressed into my back.
“Purity I understand that the past few days hasn’t been the best for you, but you know that whatever it is I have got an ear for you,” she said close to my ears probably looking over to see what I was viewing on my phone. “Are you guys having issues, you and Shania?”
“No, no, we are cool,” I replied and turned off the phone.
“Ok then,” she said as we spooned not moving a muscle.
“I am sorry I started this, I don’t want us to continue doing this,” I blurted out forcefully.
“You feel guilty about us or something?” she asked.
“Not really. I just think that’s the best for us from now onwards.”
“Ok I understand. You don’t have to make rash decisions. I know guilty conscience comes once in a while. When you are through this moment, I will still be here and by then, welcome back will be so in order,” she said and turned over.
I stifled a big sigh of relieve and sandwiching my Joystick in between my laps, I did the sign of the cross and mumbled a thank you lord before calling it a night.
To Be Continued…

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