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Saturday, 10 February 2018


A story written by Chekwube Emmanuel…
It has been one week since I went to see Shania but met her absence, same day IJ dropped a note and left to God knows where. I haven’t heard from Shania neither have I heard from IJ. Shania’s number remained unreachable while IJ has refused to answer my calls, even after I sent her messages to come back home. This time around, she never showed her face at work neither did she come for CDS. The times I checked her in her section at work, I always met her absence.
It was so funny how all of a sudden the people we are close to start disappearing just because of some little issues. If I had known that things would turn out like this, I wouldn’t have had anything to do with IJ sexually or better still we would have drawn a clear line. If we had reached a compromise and defined what we wanted from each other, we wouldn’t have arrived at the point we were but the truth remains, when it comes to women, you can never tell and feelings can be very hard to control.
Shania, I missed her funny enough. I remembered back in school when she was my comforter. She was always the one I run to when things like these comes up but look where we found ourselves. The very best friend of mine had suddenly turned into a stranger. Most times I wondered how things would have been if we never had a relationship, pretty cool I guess. Why does everything change once feelings get involved? Is it the sense of ownership that comes with feelings or what? Why is it very hard for two people of the opposite S£x to be best of friends without emotions and feelings rearing its head in the long run? Why do people seem perfectly compatible being friends but becomes incompatible when they start dating? Everything I have had with the girls apart from Oge was going pretty well till feelings got involved.
The issues going on in my life made me withdraw to myself. I kept my distance from Niyola and her rummy, Funke also with Constance and Purity which was very hard.
After I turned down Niyola’s offer for food, she gave me attitude for a couple of days not knowing that I didn’t even give a damn. Some days later, she came back to her senses and started being friendly when she realized that IJ wasn’t around. I wasn’t a bit perturbed by her actions and even when she came around, I still gave her the straight and formal attitude.
Constance, when she noticed that I was becoming more reserved, keeping to myself most times and becoming formal, her advances stopped. She had asked a couple of times if everything was ok with me and got same ‘YES’ response. After trying unsuccessfully, she decided to stick to the status quo. Funny enough and surprising as it may be, work became more interesting as we mostly minded our business talking to each other when there is need to.
Purity still tried to keep it formal. She stopped coming uninvited and never called after she left my house for any chit chat or to just check up. She only calls when she has something to inquire about and after that she rings off without asking any personal questions.
I kept in touch with Precious, not wanting to be tagged uncaring or one who doesn’t keep his promises.
After one week of not hearing from Shania and IJ, loneliness started setting in. when I couldn’t imagine going through the weekend alone again, I decided to call Precious. When I asked if she was free to come over for the weekend, her happiness knew no bounds as she jumped on the offer like I was going to change my mind the next minute. After the call to Precious, I left to get some groceries from the market. I wanted to cook for her because I know doing that for her drives her crazy.
To Be Continued…

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