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Sunday, 11 February 2018


We headed to the kitchen and while I dished the food, she got extra plates and cutleries. Eating with Precious was one of the happiest moment of my life that period. I found myself forgetting Shania and IJ intermittently. We played, eating and feeding each other till we got tired.
After the meal, she showered and joined me on the bed. I shifted to make a space for her but she jumped on me, resting her head on my chest.
“How is Shania? She asked breaking the silence which hovered in the room.
“She is fine.” I replied casually.
She must have picked the tone from my voice as she raised her head staring at me.
“What?” I asked defensively.
“Nothing.” She replied still staring at me.
“Ok fine, I don’t know about Shania. We have been off for a while now.
“Off for a while; what does that mean?” she asked calmly sitting up on the bed.
“Precious I don’t know. We broke up a couple of weeks back.”
“What happened, you never cared to tell me, why did you guys break up?”
“Same reason why couples break up na. well something happened and one thing led to another. I guess we couldn’t handle it or get around it; Probably, our pride didn’t allow us to see things through.”
“You didn’t say anything in all these things you said now do you know. Did she cheat on you or did she find out that you have been cheating on her?”
“No ……. I don’t know. Don’t know what to believe; whether she cheated or not.”
“Did you try to clarify things with her or you allowed your anger do his thing?”
“Yes I confronted her but instead of offering some explanations, she flared up defensively, accusing me of being a serial cheat. It went to the extent that she smashed my phone.” I said before I could realize the mistake I have made.
She stared at me, not saying a word. I saw surprise and disappointment written on her face.
“I’m sorry I lied to you, couldn’t just tell you that. It was embarrassing to me. I’m sorry.” I apologized, looking away while a heavy silence fell on the room.
“Come here idiot,” she cursed gathering me into a hug. “Now I know why I was having a double mind about your ‘being robbed’ story. It sounded so real but didn’t just add up to me.” She said.
“Detective Precious.” I said as we laughed.
“That reminds me, I got something for you.” She said standing from the bed. She went to the wardrobe and brought out a Samsung Galaxy s4 from her bag and threw it to me. “That’s yours.” She said also throwing the ear phone to me.
“You are kidding right?” I asked with surprise jumping from the bed.
“No, I ‘m adulting.” She replied, all smiles walking back to the bed.
I took her into an embrace saying all the gratifying words I know.
“Hey! Come on, stop already. Couldn’t just stand coming online and not seeing you, but if I had known that it was your girlfriend that smashed your phone, you for no see this one.” She said laughing.
“I swear to God you are the best.” I said hugging her tight as she kept laughing. Breaking off the hug, I gathered her face and planted a passionate kiss on her lips while she closed her eyes and savored it. I pressed my lips to hers tighter, the warmth of her lips sending tingles into my head before probing her mouth with my tongue which she reciprocated and before we knew it we were already engrossed in the kiss, clawing and tearing our clothes off.
To Be Continued…

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