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Monday, 12 February 2018


We woke up around some minutes after 7pm. I was running out of water, so we dressed up to go and chill out and probably get water while coming back.
As we came out from the room my heart skipped as I saw IJ’s light on. When did she return? I asked myself locking up my door.
I went to her door and knocked a couple of times but got no answer. Tired of knocking, I went to her window which has always been my normal practice when she doesn’t answer her door. Sliding the window net, I pushed her curtain aside and behold, IJ completely Unclad, with her earphone in her ears, seeing a movie from her tablet. She must have noticed a movement at her window which made her turn around. She looked at me with an expressionless face before taking her attention back to the movie. I left her curtain to fall, slid back her window net and went back to Precious and we walked out.
“Who stays there?” she asked as we headed to the gate.
“Haven’t you met her?” I asked surprised.
“Nah, she is not always around. I only know of the other two girls.”
“Seriously? That’s IJ’s room. she has not been around for a while now.”
“Is she not in?”
“Nah, I guess she is in the bathroom. I heard the shower running.” I lied.
“Heheheehe!! One day you go see something wey big pass your eyes as you dey open people window anyhow. Is she a corper?”
“Yea, I must have mentioned her to you. We are the two corpers in my PPA.”
“I think I remember. You told me about her but I didn’t know you guys stay in the same compound.”
We kept chatting till we got to a local joint that sells pepper soup, roasted chicken etc. we placed an order for pepper soup and some drinks. We spent some good time enjoying the evening, till it became late enough for us to go. On our way home, we bought a bag of water.
The following morning, we woke up late after what seemed like a long night. After my morning rituals, I was so tired to lift a muscle as I went back to join Precious who was sleeping, undisturbed with her bum shooting out.
I couldn’t sleep back again, so I decided to slot my sim card into the new phone. Picking up my phone, I saw a message notification and clicked it open. It was a message from IJ.
“Thanks for telling me to come back and meet the surprise package you have for me. I’m going out and make sure you don’t call me again this time.”
After I read the message, I wore my vest over my short and went out to her room. Luckily she was still around. I knocked on her net and she appeared, wrapped in her towel. She unbolted the net and went back to her wardrobe while I followed behind her into the room.
“Yes can I help you?” she asked not turning around to me.
“Yes you can help me; I need us to talk.” I said sitting on the bed.
She ignored me and untied the towel around her standing n.ud.e, backing me. She strapped her bra turning it to cup her Bosom after which she wore her G-string before turning to face me.
“So what do we have to talk about?” she asked, her hand on her waist.
“IJ can you sit down at least?”
“No I’m ok like this, just get on with it . I have somewhere I need to be very soon.”
“IJ sit ok. I’m not going to take much of your time.”
“Purity just spill it already or get out please.”
I felt insulted. Not like we had a prior agreement who I bring home or not; do I even owe her any explanation? Agreed, I will feel bad if reverse was to be the case but I never intended for her to come back and meet Precious. If she had been back all the while I was telling her to, Precious wouldn’t have come around. At least I would have postponed her coming till we resolved her feelings. I know she was pissed but reacting that way towards me wasn’t going to solve anything.
“Ok,” I started standing from the bed. “I’m sorry I hurt your feelings. If I’d known you had feelings for me, I would have been careful not to hurt you. You are one of the best friends I have in my life now and I’m sorry I hurt your feeling. Just know that it wasn’t intentional and I’m sorry for wasting your time.” I said and headed towards the door.
To Be Continued…

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