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Tuesday, 13 February 2018


On Sunday, after I did my laundry and a total clean up, I was so exhausted and famished. Since I didn’t have the strength to cook anything, I opted to eating out.
IJ had not said anything to me since Saturday after I left her house. We just walk pass each other without a word whenever we meet. She came out from her room and met me washing that morning, then mumbled something I believed to be good morning before going back to her room.
As I dressed up and was about to go out, I heard a knock on my net. Just like I suspected, it was IJ standing at my door with a plate of noodles and egg.
“I don’t know if you have had anything?” she said stretching out the plate.
I have never rejected her food and doing it now was sure going to be childish. I collected the food with a ‘thanks’ and waited for her to leave before I could bolt the net.
“Do you mind if I come?”
“Sure.” I replied leaving the net.
She walked in behind me and headed to the kitchen. She came out with two forks and two sachets of water. I was surprised and watched to know her next action. She scooped the noodle into her mouth twice and cut a piece from the egg too.
“I didn’t poison it.” She said munching the food.
“Did I say you did?.”
“I know you didn’t but I didn’t want you throwing it into the trash can thinking I did.”
“Hmmm!! Funny enough, I didn’t have such thoughts in mind.”
She gulped down a sachet of water before going back into the kitchen to drop her fork while I settled on the bed to eat. Coming out from the kitchen she leaned on the kitchen door post looking at me. After a while she came and sat beside me on the bed.
“I’m sorry about yesterday. I didn’t mean to treat you that way.” She apologized.
“IJ it’s ok, wasn’t holding anything against you. I wouldn’t have reacted any different if I was in your shoes. Sorry I hurt your feelings.”
“Hmm!!” She sighed letting out the air which seemed trapped inside her. “You don’t have to be either. I shouldn’t have let myself fall for you.” She said smiling.
“And you think I didn’t have similar feelings? I just didn’t want to spoil what we had by bringing in feelings.”
“C’mon you already had a girlfriend. I was just another game to you.”
“Closeness breeds feelings. Didn’t you have a boyfriend too?”
“Well I guess that’s true; closeness breeds feelings but about having a boyfriend, I don’t think that’s the perfect definition of what I have or rather had. I will say it’s more like FWB thing.”
“Hmmm!! I guess you do FWB a lot. Was that what ours was set to be?”
“Dunno, maybe or maybe not. Couldn’t define it before my feelings took over.”
“Well I guess, whatever definition you give it now, we are cool?”
“Yea I guess so. I have to accept defeat.” She said and corked her eyes. “And about my attitude towards Purity, I have already apologized to her.”
“So you know that you gave her an attitude?”
“Of course I do. She was the cause of my misery.”
“Sorry you heard everything that night.” I apologized laughing.
“It’s ok abeg, don’t remind me of that night.”
“Ok o!! if you say so.”
“How about Shania, you guys talked already?”
“Nah! she has not been reachable since then.”
“I know it must be hard for you but everything will be fine ok?”
“Sure, thanks.”
I couldn’t go out again as I stayed back with IJ gisting. We saw a couple of movies before she went back to her room.
I called Precious to check up on her and her boyfriend. We talked for a while before she handed the phone to Steve and we talked too. Later on, I went out to watch Man U vs Newcastle.
To Be Continued…

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