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Friday, 16 February 2018


A story written by Chekwube Emmanuel…
When we woke up, we called Precious who was so happy that we are back together. After we called Precious, Shania dressed up and left for IJ’s room while I relaxed back on the bed thinking over the whole events. I didn’t know how Precious got her number but suspected she must have collected it from my phone. For her to have called Shania only means one thing, our flings and sexcapades are over; good riddance though.
I thought of who would have the intention of breaking us apart by keeping tabs on me. The odd fell on IJ because she is the only person that can really tell some things about me but if she was set out to do evil, she knew so much to just be sending messages, she would have given Shania something very concrete. But on the contrary, what if she was the one behind it and when she realised that it’s not working she decided to call her and sue for peace just to get a perfect cover?
I couldn’t pinpoint anybody that I suspect would do such after some hard thinking. Something flashed through my mind, Purity. She once called me with a number similar to the one that kept sending messages to Shania. Going for Shania’s phone, I clicked the message box open and compared the numbers from my phone.
Heaving a big sigh of relieve, I dropped the phone. It wasn’t hers, but then who could it be? I dialed the number but it didn’t connect, more like it wasn’t connected to a phone. I suspected the owner just uses it anytime he/she wants to send the evil message.
I resigned from thinking about it. Whoever wanted us apart tried but didn’t succeed and even if I wanted to play again a perfect cover has been provided.
I was still with my thoughts when Shania entered with IJ. They came in carrying food which IJ prepared. We all ate in what was more like a reunion and decided to hang out after that.
It was a fun filled weekend as we set out to catch up with all the time we had lost fighting. She had asked about my new phone to which I told her that I bought it. She had returned the phone she bought and the money just like I had delivered it to Tonia. I took the phone telling her that I will sell it. She said I should do whatever I liked with it as it is mine already. We used part of the 50k to treat ourselves to a wonderful weekend.
After the weekend, she stayed till Wednesday before she left for her place and it was love renewed.
To Be Continued…

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