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Sunday, 18 February 2018


A story written by Chekwube Emmanuel… If you missed part Ninety Six, read it HERE!!!
I took a seat beside her table trying to get my raging hard on under control. To make it worst I had a perfect view of her nakedness from my position as she intentionally stalled in putting on her cloths.
I turned away from her and picked a book from her table to distract my mind. I stared at the lines in the book seeing only the letters as my mind was trapped on her body.
I started flipping through the pages and just when I got tired and wanted to drop it back a pack of airtel SIM card dropped from it. I picked it up and sandwiched it back into the book placing it on the table.
“What do I offer you?” she asked from behind startling me.
Turning around behold Purity clad on her bra and G-string posing seductively with an evil smile.
“And I will go if you don’t stop Purity. You are making staying hard for me.”
“How? Can’t I offer you something again” She protested.
“ Purity can you put on something please?”
“Oh!! Is it about this? Don’t mind me jare. C’mon you are not a stranger to me why acting up? Are trying to tell me that Shania doesn’t dress like this before?”
Just like my memory was jolted back at the mention of Shania’s name. I remembered instantly the number that had been sending Shania messages. Pulling out my phone I scrolled down to the number which I save with ‘enemy’. Picking the book I turned it over and the SIM pack slipped out from it. She rushed immediately to take the SIM pack from me but I was fast enough to hold it away from her. I compared the numbers and to my greatest surprise they matched.
Looking up at her I saw fear and shame written all over her face. I couldn’t describe how I felt.
“Why?” I asked breaking the deafening silence.
She kept mute for a while before turning around and headed to her wardrobe. I stood up and followed not knowing what she was going there to do. She picked a wrapper and wrapped over her nàkéd.ness before turning to face me behind her.
I was angry and relieved at the same time. Angry knowing that it was Purity that wanted to break Shania and I and relieved that finally I have unraveled the mystery.
“I am sorry Purity.” She said leaning back to the wardrobe tears gathering in her eyes.
“I thought that we were friends Purity. Why you of all people?” I asked raising the SIM pack.
She didn’t say a word as tears trickled down her eyes. I wanted to say things to her but couldn’t find the words. When I got tired of staring at her I turned and headed for the door.
“Purity please stop.” She called behind me.
I stopped and turned facing her because I needed some explanations.
“I’m sorry.”
“Why did you do that? I need explanations not apolgy.”
“Please it doesn’t matter anymore. I regret ever doing that. Please just let it go, I’m sorry.” She said apologetically.
“Do you know what you put us through, Shania and I?”
“I’m sorry Purity.”
“You know what? This whole thing between us is so over. I’m going to keep this between us like it never happened and thanks for trying to break us.” I said and before she could stop me I walked out.
Later in the evening, I got loads of messages from Purity as she kept apologizing. I stopped taking her calls after I left her house. She thought I was going to tell Shania which invariably will lead to her sister knowing but I wasn’t even thinking of that as I heard my own tracks to cover. If Shania gets to know that Purity was the one sending the messages, she wouldn’t let it lie and it won’t be long before she finds out that I had something with her which will be a big blow to our new found peace.
When the message didn’t stop coming, I called her and told her to let it go that I have forgiven her but that we can never be good friends again.
To Be Continued…

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