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Wednesday, 7 February 2018


Heaving a big sigh, I stood from the bed and went to take a leak. When I came out from the bathroom, I checked for my phone and saw a few missed call from the same number that kept calling before I slept. I had a mind to call back, but I didn’t want to call and realize that it’s from Shania.
I washed my face and throwing a casual on, I headed out for a stroll.
The walk helped clear my mind and head. As I walked back to my house, I felt a whole lot better and knew the next step to take. On stepping into the compound, I perceived Purity’s fragrance hanging in the air and as if to confirm my thoughts behold, she was sitting in front of my room pressing away on her phone.
“There you are, why weren’t you taking your calls?” she asked as I approached her, the dream of her death surfacing on my mind.
“Did you call me?” I asked.
“Wouldn’t have been asking if I didn’t.”
“Sorry but I didn’t get your call,” I replied. “Or wait is it your main line or you used another number?”
“I used my second line. Don’t you have it?”
“Nah! I don’t,” I replied unlocking my door as IJ walked out from her room.
“I have been knocking at your door,” Purity said, as they exchanged pleasantries.
“Sorry, I was sleeping” IJ replied walking towards the gate without another word.
“Are you guys having issues?” Purity asked as she walked behind me into the room.
“Me and who?” I asked.
“Nah, we are not.”
“Then why is she behaving like that. She doesn’t even look like someone that has been sleeping as she claimed.”
“Maybe you should ask her when she comes back.” I replied nonchalantly.
“What’s up with you na. I kept calling but you weren’t picking so I got worried and decided to check on you.”
I know that was just an excuse for her to come around so I just focused my gaze on her not saying a word.
“Ok Ok, I missed you and you haven’t called so I decided to drop over. Moreover my house is starting to bore me.” She said in defense.
“Purity I am not in the best mood now. I appreciate you coming over but I would prefer to be alone. I have lots of things clouding my head now.”
“Are you ok?” she asked concerned.
“Yea I’m good. Just having little issues with Shania.”
“Little issues? How little is it?”
“So little to cause a break up.” I replied.
“Ummm!! Have you guys talked about it?”
“Purity you know what, I don’t want to talk about this now ok.”
“Do you want me to talk to her?”
“If only you know what awaits you if she sets her eyes on you.” I said in my mind. “No don’t worry, I can handle it.”
“Ok. I guess I should take my leave then,” she said picking up her bag.
“Let me see you off.”
“No don’t worry, I can find my way out in your own words,” she said smiling.
“I insist,” I said collecting her bag from her.
I saw her off to the junction from where she will take a bike home. On coming back, I met IJ at the bar close to our house. She was sitting alone pressing away on her phone. She must have seen us walk by but didn’t bother saying a word.
I walked to where she was sitting and dragged a seat. She looked at me with an expressionless face before taking it back to her phone. I called the bar attendant and ordered for two soft drinks but she objected to taking anything.
“Now I think we need to talk. What is wrong with you?” I asked.
“Nothing is wrong with me Purity,” she replied not looking up from her phone.
“What is it with all this cold reactions recently. The whole going away and not calling or wanting me to call and all. What’s that about?”
“Purity don’t mind me. Wasn’t just in the best of myself and needed a time out, just like you did some weeks back. It has nothing to do with you.”
“Ok you know that’s a lie. What did I do to you?”
“Purity you know you can be unnecessarily stubborn. Take it or leave it, it has nothing to do with you.”
“Ok then if you say so. I will be inside.” I said standing to leave.
“Have you talked with Shania?” she asked behind me.
“No, might go see her tomorrow.” I replied and left.
To Be Continued…

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