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Sunday, 18 February 2018


A story written by Chekwube Emmanuel…
It was a day to our passing out and everybody was in an elated mood. Some couldn’t wait to leave while others like me weren’t so eager to go.
Niyola and her rummy had already packed their bags and waybilled it home eagerly waiting to collect their discharge certificate and leave.
IJ just like me was relaxed and not even thinking of leaving.
As we, IJ and I settled to a bottle of smirnof vodka that night discussing about what next after service year and the plans ahead. Just like me, she had no set out plans. We had discussed into the night drunk, one thing had led to another and we got down real hard. It was awesome and more like a goodbye S£x. Just like us, it was done and forgotten about the next morning.
Everybody was busy taking snap shots with their phones as we collected out discharge Certificate. Crazy and unbelievable as it may sound some corpers serving in the remote villages came to the council with their bags ready to leave after picking their certificates.
I took a few pictures with IJ and Purity. Purity and I had put up a perfect act of everything was ok between us not wanting to arouse IJ’s curiosity.
I had planned to celebrate with Precious and Steve together with Shania and IJ. When I told Precious about it, she had concurred without hesitation.
After I collected my discharge Certificate, I had left the council hastily with IJ to get ready as Shania already called to inform me that she was already close to my house.
The evening was going crazy as we all partied drunk. Shania had arrived just in time before Precious and Steve came. We had all left to a very cool hotel and partied into the night.
In the heat of party I got so pressed and stepped out to take a leak. I was done and about to zip up when Precious walked in.
“This is the men’s” I said thinking that she lost her way.
“Shhhh!!!” she hushed pushing me back in. “Make it quick.” She said and held unto the wall pulling up her shot gown. My Joystick got the signal immediately and raged on.
Pulling down my zipper, I pulled out my Joystick and guarded it into her wet cú.nt. I went into action immediately knowing that we had limited time. It was hot as I maintained a momentum till I was close and pulled out jerking off on the floor.
Tearing a tissue from one on the WC, she cleaned up, without a word she kissed me and rushed out.
“What kept you?” Precious asked on sighting me. “Hope say you no go vomit?”
Everybody busted into a fist of laughter as she threw the jab at me.
“Nooo!! I no be small pikin na, it was just occupied so I had to wait.” I defended myself feeling embarrassed giving her a f**k you look.
We had partied on after Steve congratulated all of us with a speech.
IJ had gone out later on to make a call and not too long a guy join her in the party. We all partied till we couldn’t take another go at our bottles and decided to call it a night. Steve had booked three rooms as we all retired to our different room and called it a night and an end to Service Year.

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