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Saturday, 3 February 2018


A story written by Chekwube Emmanuel…
After what seemed like a life time of struggling, our lips finally met and we got consumed kissing. From the intensity of our kiss, it was obvious that none of us wanted it easy. As we kissed, we clawed on each others clothes, practically tearing it off our bodies.
Turning her over, I pounced on her Bosom, sucking hungrily at them interchangeably. While I sucked, she had her hand stroking my Joystick with the other clawing my back, her nails digging into my flesh with her moans gathering strength.
Scooping her from the bed, I carried her up with her hands around my neck and legs clasped around my torso while I had her back to the wall, my hands around her waist and lips on her Bosom milking hungrily. Her lips were doing everything possible to my ear, sucking and licking them which further ignited my aroused state. Pulling her down a little still backed to the wall, I guided my Joystick into her as she screamed out a moan which resounded through the room.
I started thrusting with much pace as needed
that moment in other not to make the position uncomfortable for her. She left her hands and legs dangling while I kept thrusting into her holding her laps to still keep her up. After a while, I brought her down gently and wanted to lead her back to the bed but she turned, holding the wall for support, she bent and gave me the perfect doggy show. Without hesitation, I had my dic.k pierced into her and thrusting in a much accelerated speed. She kept moaning pushing her waist back to meet my thrust.
Suddenly, she went stiff as her warm liquid started gushing out ejecting my Joystick which I took back immediately knowing that I was closer than close. My thrust didn’t last much longer as I felt my Pour gathering with so much speed. When I felt it close to my tip, the thought of Precious suddenly appeared in my head and that gave me all the warning I needed as I pulled off immediately before my first shot could escape into her, and started jerking off on her butt.
I woke up pressed and needed to empty my bladder. After that I couldn’t sleep again because the worms were revolting seriously in my stomach. Shania slept peacefully culled up in the position I left her. I went to the kitchen and helped myself with a sachet of water and a ball of apple before going back to the room. As I laid back on the bed, I noticed Shania’s phone beside mine on the foot of the bed, immediately an urge to go through her phone came down hard on me, something I haven’t done before.
Picking the phone, I pressed the power button only to notice that it was locked with password. When did she start locking her phone? This recent development of taking calls away from me and locking her phone shows that something was amiss and that aroused my curiosity.
I tried a couple of word combinations but couldn’t make the right password. Switching the phone off, I turned it on again but was greeted by the same option to enter a password. Tired, I replaced the phone to its position just in time for it to start ringing. Checking the caller, I saw the caller ID as DOD. I silenced the phone and dropped it back. It started ringing again before I finally switched off.
About forty minutes later Shania turned purring like a cat. She snuggled into me as I kept my phone away to cuddled her.
Meanwhile before that, I was chatting with IJ. She must have noticed a change in Shania’s attitude after she (Shania) saw her in my room and was asking to know if she has caused any troubles. I had told her that Shania’s attitude doesn’t have anything to do with her but she knew that I was lying but knew better not to push it.
“Baby, I’m hungry,” Shania said through pouted lips robbing her eyes.
“And what would you like to eat?” I asked teasing her hard tips.
“Anything, everything,” she replied stretching and yawning beating my hand off her boóbs, “You just left me drained.”
“Hey! Watch it with the accusation girl,” I retorted with a smile.
“It’s no accusation hun, see how wasted I am,” she replied with another yawn.
“I don’t know what you are talking about but before you continue, I think we should eat out because I don’t have the strength to wait for you to prepare anything.”
“Neither do I have the strength to prepare anything,” she concurred leaving the bed for the bathroom her bum bouncing up and down.
“Uhhhmmm!! Someone called when you were sleeping, it was becoming a disturbance as the call kept coming in so I had to turn it off,” I said behind her.
Not asking who the caller was, she came back, picked the phone and switching it on left with it to the bathroom. All this her attitude pitched my curiosity. I expected her to call back the DOD but she didn’t rather she stayed longer in the bathroom which was a clear indication that she was chatting with someone.
I kept my cool and dressed up waiting for her. I know that by playing it cool, her guards will be down and she will make a slip without suspicion.
She came out with apologies, dressed up and applied some make up before we left.
Through our stay at the cafe, she had her attention shifting to her phone intermittently while I pretended not to notice any of her actions. It got to a point that she had to excuse herself to use the rest room when her phone started vibrating. With the anger burning through me, I still maintained a calm and unperturbed composure.
When we were done, I bought two big cups of ice cream, one for us and the other for IJ. It was clear that she was angry and not in support of me getting the ice cream for IJ but she never voiced it out, rather she went silent till we got home.
To Be Continued…

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