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Monday, 12 February 2018


“Purity stop.” She said walking towards me.
“I’m sorry IJ.”
I walked out before she could get me. I went back to my room and met Precious in the kitchen warming the food.
“Seriously? Na from sleep hunger begin catch you?” I asked, hugging her from behind.
“As in ee. I was dreaming of this food in my sleep o and the funny part is that you finished the food, so I woke up readying myself for a fight because e for no funny at all.”
“Jeeez!! You are crazy, trouble maker.” I cursed kissing her neck.
“Leave am for me like that thank you.”
She turned around and our lips met briefly before she broke it off.
“Good morning babe?” she greeted with a smile.
“Good morning beautiful, hope you slept well?”
“Yea, better than I have done in a very long while now.” She replied smiling coyly. “You went to see your neighbor?”
“Yea, how did you know?”
“Suspected. Hope she isn’t crushing on you cuz I will break her head for her and Shania will thank me later.”
“She is free na. At least I’m single now and searching.”
“Says who? Until mummy says so, you are not,” she said, as we went back into the room with the food she dished. “Purity, you and Shania are not done,” she continued. “you have to reach out to her so that the both of you can trash this out .”
“I don’t think so. I have been trying to get through to her but she has not been reachable; all my efforts have been futile”
“Then go and see her. You know her place.”
“I have been there but met her absence. Her lodge mate told me that she travelled home.”
“Purity there is something I need you to understand. Whatever happened that her act that way must have been strong. If she cheated on you then just know that one way or the other you must have pushed her into it. The little I know about her from what you have been telling, she is not someone that reacts erratically. Whenever she comes back, I need you to meet her and talk things out. Forget the fact that I keep saying she snatched you from me, she didn’t, you made your choice and I don’t know you as someone that makes bad choices.”
We had forgotten about the food as Shania’s issue took over.
“I will do my best. Oya ooo! let’s eat before the food gets cold.”
“If you find out that she cheated, forgive her. Nobody is perfect. You are not one bit clean yourself.” She said laughing.
“Wait! Like seriously?”
“O yea!! I’m sure I’m not the only one you are f”’king behind Shania, so she deserves to be cut some slack.”
“I hear you ma.”
After we ate, she cleared the dishes and just as she came out from the kitchen, her phone started ringing. Picking the phone from the bed she checked the caller , “it’s Steve,” she said going into the bathroom.
She came out some minutes later and announced her departure. Steve wasn’t feeling fine and she needed to be there for him. She prepared and when she was ready we offered each other the best advice as we could.
“Purity,” she started. “I’m going to give this my best shot just like you advised and please don’t let Shania go. Find her and settle things amicably ok. Let the past go.” She concluded.
“Ok, I will try my best.”
I waited till she was off before I headed back home. I had expected that IJ would have gone out but she was still around. As I unlocked my net, she came out from her room dressed casually. I spared her no glance as she also said nothing to me walking out.
In my room, I slotted my SIM card into the new phone and made the necessary settings I had enough airtime on my phone so I subscribed for a data plan and registered my WhatsApp.
After the registration, I scrolled down to Shania’s profile and realized that she was online ten minutes ago. I made to type some messages to her, but after typing and deleting, searching for the right words to say I decided against it. If she checks up on me, she will notice that I’m back online. I also changed my profile picture so that it will draw her attention.
To Be Continued…

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