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Sunday, 11 February 2018


The love making was fierce and passionate. Fierce at the beginning, slow and passionate at the middle, fierce at the ending which left both of us panting and fighting to catch our breath after as she laid on me with the mess of my Pour all over her. We had slept off afterwards, exhausted.
The feeling of warmth around Joystick woke me up from sleep. I found Precious hunched between my laps head down and lips wrapped around my Joystick. I breathed heavily, thrusting up my waist to get in more into her mouth while she looked up and smiled at me and without a word she went back to work.
She is a pro when it comes to giving mouth job as I kept whining my waist and thrusting up, wanting more so much pleasure wafting through my being. I was feeling close and ready to blow my seeds when she stopped and pinched my Joystick sending a little pain through me which had my Pour rushing back. Smiling erotically she said,
“Are you ready b’cuz I’m taking you on a very long ride and the rule remains, tell me whenever you feel close to cumin ok?”
I nodded giving her the go ahead.
The ride was really long and worthwhile. She had taken the cow girl position, riding me to stupor. I was close and announced it to her. She pulled off and pinched me once again. I clenched my teeth as the pain sapped through me.
She came on again with reverse cow girl and rode me till I was very close to the edge that I had to push her off gently but she recovered in time to hold tight to the base of my shaft smiling up and telling me to take a deep breath.
Once again she stopped me from blowing off my seed. After she got it under control, my shaft started going flaccid. She took it back to her mouth and within a few seconds, I was back, rock hard and ready to go.
She turned around and positioned herself in a perfect dogg.y with her upper body resting on the pillow and bum shooting up. I needed no invitation as I parted her bum and teased her lips a little before guiding my shaft in. she clutched at the pillow as her walls clutched tight to my dic.k. I rode her till I was close and announced it to her as I pulled out. She had turned around and took my Joystick into her mouth just as my seeds came shooting out shot after shot, while she kept gulping it down.
She came up, after taking down every ounce of my Pour and plastered her lips to mine, as I tasted my Pour from her mouth. We savored the kiss for a while before breaking it off.
“That was awesome, you are still the best.” She said smiling. “ Shania, oh! Shania you don do me o” She continued, smiling as we left for the bathroom to wash off.
“Shebi you don’t want to leave Shania alone abi.”
“Why I go leave her? She do me bad joor.” She retorted, still smiling.
We exited the bathroom and as she flew to the bed, I went to the kitchen to hydrate.
“Baby please help me with a sachet of water.” She requested from the room.
I came out and saw her with a single white pill which I don’t know its name. she smiled on seeing the confused look on my face. Collecting the water from me, she gulped the pill down and handed the remaining water back to me.
“What’s that?”
“Girls’ stuff.” She replied laughing.
“Ok o.” I went back to the kitchen and dished some food as I was very famished. As I came back to the room with the food, she jumped from the bed and collected my spoon together with the food.
“I’m so hungry.” She said laughing and scooping a spoonful of rice into her mouth.
“Wetin na? you no know road to the kitchen if you are hungry? Abeg, give me back my food jare.” I said moving to collect the food from her.
She ran off to the kitchen with the food before I could get to her. She scooped some more spoons into her mouth before turning the food back into the pot.
“Shebi you know say you dey find trouble?” I said smacking her bum hard. She winced in pain and before I know it, she sent her hand flying to my Joystick just in time for me to block it off. As I blocked her hand, I drew her closer and feasted on her firm, fresh and succulent She twitched, hitting my back as I sucked interchangeably on her Bosom.
She was starting to react to my lips on her nip.p.les moaning softly when I pulled off.
“Yes that’s for eating spoonfuls from my food. I have taken them back.”
“Id.iot, Bosom person.” She cursed laughing.
“she dished the food again as we ate in the kitchen. After we ate, we went back to the room and cuddled till sleep took over us, little did I know that IJ was back and heard everything going on.
To Be Continued…

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