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Sunday, 4 February 2018


A story written by Chekwube Emmanuel
It has been one month since the ugly showdown in my room. Shania has not contacted me neither have I. we had gone dark probably waiting for who to call first. At first, I thought I didn’t need her anymore in my life, but as the days ran into weeks, I started missing her.
Two days after she smashed my phone, precisely on Monday, of the following week, I was in the office going through some work when I got a call on my small Nokia torch light phone. The caller introduced himself as an agent to one of the leading online market telling me to come out that he has a delivery for me and is in front of my school gate. I asked him series of questions and convinced that I was the person he was looking for, I went out to meet with him.
I met him and he handed an iphone 5 pack to me asking that I check to know if everything was intact. I asked him who ordered for the phone but he said that he wasn’t allowed to tell me as the person requested. After I pressured him the more, her told me that the order was made by a girl and I shouldn’t bother asking of her name as he wouldn’t divulge. After I checked and everything was complete, I signed and he left.
I didn’t need a soothsayer to tell me that Shania placed the order for the phone. Maybe she thought that by that way, I will call her and probably say a thank you which might lead to us talking but I wasn’t even in the mood to talk to her. I left the phone in it’s pack with the intention of returning it back to her. I had kept using my small Nokia phone. I know she might be checking me up on WhatsApp and if she notice that I haven’t been online, it will compound her worries and she will think that maybe the phone was delivered to a wrong person and that will push her to call or rather she has moved on and forgotten about me and ordered for the phone just to pay back for the one she damaged.
Through the first week, I was moody and kept to myself. IJ had understood and kept her distance approaching me from an arms length keeping everything formal and straight. Purity had also acted like she knew that I wasn’t in the best of mood and never contacted.
After the first week, I had decided to come out from my shell. No need killing myself over someone who doesn’t care.
At the office, things started taking a new shape between Constance and I. Her stares were becoming unusual and long. She had started asking some question which only suggests that she has read or still reading my story. If I help her out with a work, I get appreciated with either a peck or a hug.
After so many disturbances, I had invited her over to my house on a Saturday. Constance, IJ and I had had fun through that day as I took them out. Constance had gotten drunk afterwards and I couldn’t allow her go home like that. I had pleaded with IJ to allow Constance sleep in her room but the drunk girl had refused insisting that she will sleep in my room. She had slept with IJ in my room while I slept over at IJ’s
To Be Continued…

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