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Sunday, 4 February 2018


A story written by Chekwube Emmanuel…
Done with the ice cream, she cleared the plate and came to join me on the bed. Just then, the anger in me pushed out the words from my mouth.
“Who is DOD and Ken?” I asked with my eyes still on my phone.
The question must have caught her unexpectedly as it took her time to recover herself before she replied.
“My….. My friends. They are …… my friends.” She replied stammering.
“Your friends or the people you are cheating on with me or is it the other way round?”
“Excuse me, what do you mean?” she asked shifting away from me.
“The question is as simple as it sounds.” I replied sitting up from the bed.
“Purity it’s obvious you have gone through my chats but whatever you have read there is nothing. And by the way, why did you go through my phone?”
I scoffed and looked at her, “And since when did going through your phone became a crime?”
“The moment you started questioning who I chat with and the contents of my chats.” She fired back angrily.
“Is this supposed to be an explanation of some sort? Is this supposed to be the explanation I get that it’s glaring that you are having an affair behind me? You are practically dating three guys and here you are claiming to love the world outta me. Who the Fork are you?” I threw at her standing from the bed.
“Oh! This is interesting. You are mad with me? You call me a cheat? Then look in the mirror. You think I don’t know? You claim all good and loving yet you keep digging everything with a hole behind my back. You think you are a saint? Then let me have your phone, let me look through it,” she retorted charging for my phone.
The whole thing was too much from me to comprehend. Here is my girlfriend not even denying or giving some explanations for her actions rather she is accusing me or rather putting up a defense.
“You know what, it’s obvious a lot has been going on behind my back. Since when did you start doing these guys, since when?” I asked trying to calm the raging anger in me.
“You are trying to divert this now right? I said you should give me your phone Mr innocent,” she shouted struggling to get hold of my phone.
“Shania is all this your reaction worth it? I need explanations and not attacks. Who are these guys? Is everything contained in those chats for real?”
“Fork you Purity, just gimme your damn phone,” she shouted pushing me around still trying to get my phone. When it became obvious that she wouldn’t stop, I handed the phone to her and sat back on the bed staring at her.
Collecting the phone from me, she went and rested her back on the wall pressing away on my phone. After going through my chats looking for some evidence to support her claims but couldn’t find any, she reverted to my call log.
“Mr. Innocent, so much for someone that has a girlfriend yet look at your call log. Purity calling you fifteen times in the last five day and you ain’t Bleeping the Need I talk about your S£x mate here, it’s so obvious you guys are Bleeping yourself nuts and who the hell is Constance? A new catch I guess and you look at me and call me a cheat? Go and Fork yourself dude.” She said and turning around, she sent my phone crashing against the wall scattering it into pieces. Picking up her bag, she left without another word.
I sat still dumbfounded at the whole show down. I couldn’t believe what just happened. Just as she left, IJ came in with questions written all over her face. Seeing the debris of my phone scattered everywhere, she picked some before coming to sit beside me on the bed saying nothing. For a while she said nothing maybe searching her mind for the right words.
“Are you ok?” she asked finally.
Heaving a big sigh, releasing the air trapped inside me for long, I nodded without a word.
“Ok then, I will be in my room if you need anything,” she said and left.
To Be Continued…

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