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Monday, 5 February 2018


Work resumed on the second week. It was after work on that Monday that IJ came to my room. it had rain cat and dog that day and left a chilly weather afterwards. I was sipping Mc Dowels from a cup when she came in and without an invitation she got a cup and poured herself some quantity, gulped it down and poured another one settling beside me.
Since after my fight with Shania, with the whole formal behavior between IJ and I it seemed we had less things to talk about as she avoided going towards Shania and I issue. Every discussion between us was always short and straight to the point.
After we sat for a while focused on our phones sipping intermittently from our cups, without lifting her eyes she asked. “You and Shania, what is going on?”
“Nothing we are good,” I replied nonchalantly.
“Purity if you are hurting, you know you need to talk to someone and I am here for you.”
“IJ I’m not hurting and if there is anything to talk about, I wouldn’t hesitate to let you know,” I replied.
“About Shania, I know my opinion might not count but if that’s her real character, you need to rethink your stand with her. Tomorrow might not be your phone.”
“Thanks for the advice but that’s not Shania’s character.”
“Purity I care about you; you are a good guy and I don’t want someone treating you like poo. It worries me to death when I feel you are disturbed or not cool. I know you might not feel the same way for me but I really do care about you,” she said. Gulping down the remaining content of her cup, she stood up and headed for the door. At the door, she turned and looked at me, “ And just in case you need anything, gimme a beep or just hit the wall twice and I will be here for you,” she dropped and left.

Throwing down the last content of my cup down my throat, I shifted the bottle and cup away as the effect of the alcohol was already down on me. Standing up. I turned off the light and called it in for the day.
Just like play, two weeks went down the drain and there was no call from Shania. I wasn’t the kind of guy that calls first after a quarrel or when I am not at fault but I was beginning to have a double mind about contacting her. I was missing her and wanted to make things right. I needed to talk things out and know where we stood with each other. We never quarrelled to that extent.
On Friday of the third week, I was on my way back from work when I got a credit alert of fifty thousand on my phone. From Shania. Shortly afterwards, another message came in still from Shania thanking me for the treat I gave her on her birthday. I laughed after I read the message and slipped my phone back into my pocket. Maybe she will be expecting that I will call her after I got the message but that made me not to even think of it.
That weekend Purity came around. IJ had told me that she was going to see her friend in Uyo prior to Purity’s arrival. She was on her way out when Purity came in. Thirty minutes later, IJ came back with a story that her friend suddenly called that something urgent came up that she wouldn’t be around. The story was in no way sounding convincing but I didn’t care whatever her reason for coming back was.
The three of us had spent the day playing after which Purity prepared spaghetti and we ate. I knew she wasn’t going that day when it was 9pm and she was still relaxed not even behaving like it was late. I know I still had my honor to redeem but can I be able to end things after that? I was back to that situation where decision making was hard.
Around 10pm, Purity headed for the bathroom while IJ reluctantly left for her room. Maybe she expected that I tell her to stay over and maybe sleep with Purity while I go over to her room as was the case with Constance but she didn’t know that something was at stake. As she left, I locked the net and secured the door, turning off the light, I stripped and headed towards the bathroom blocking off every voice on my head.
My turning the door handle coincided with Purity doing same from inside. As the door opened, she was surprised seeing me standing stack Unclad at the door. She looked me over her eyes resting on my Joystick which was gathering strength already at the sight of her nakedness. Without a word, I crushed my lips to hers pushing her back into the room gently closing the door behind us. The kiss lasted while I fondled her Bosom as she stroked my Joystick with one hand and the other around my neck.
Breaking off the kiss, I bent down and enveloped one of her nïpplës in my mouth, teasing the other with my fingers. She threw her head backwards moaning softly while I worked wonders on her nípplës. Mouth on one, left hand on the other, I took my right hand down, parting her laps to locate her clean shaven püssy dripping wet already. The combination was pushing her to overdrive as her moans kept increasing.
Having given her enough pre-intimacy, I stood up and turned her around to hold unto the WC for support as she positioned her bum ready to welcome my shaft. Still teasing her püssy lips from that angle getting ready to piece into her, a knock sounded on my door. We both pretended not to have heard it till it came the second time harder.
To Be Continued…

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