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Saturday, 3 February 2018


A story written by Chekwube Emmanuel..

The normal Shania would never, since she got close to IJ, go to my room without stopping by at IJ’s anytime we come back from any outing if she comes around but this time, she had collected the key from me and gone straight to my room while I left to give IJ the ice cream.
Handing the ice cream to IJ, she thanked me as we talked for a moment before I headed back to my room. As I came into my room, I met Shania eating the ice cream with a long face. I picked a spoon and without a word to her joined in devouring the ice cream. We kept scooping spoon after spoon of ice cream into our mouths in silence when my phone started ringing.
Checking the caller, I smiled before answering.
“So you get mind not to call me for two days now abi?” came Jenny’s voice through the phone.
“You no know say I be corper say corpers no dey get money,” I replied laughing.
“You no get money? A whole federal government pikin like you earning 19,800. Make I just wait for you two minutes and you no call me back,” she said and hung up.
I checked my call time balance and what I had could barely make a minute call. I asked Shania to borrow me her phone which she did without a word. I dialed Jenny through Shania’s line and she picked on the first ring. I clicked on the speak out option when the call connected.
“Married couple, so una two don dey leave together for AKS abi? This love is unbreakable,” Jenny sang as we both busted out laughing.
“I came to see how he is faring so that hunger no go kill am make you no talk say I don disappoint you,” Shania replied after we caught our breaths.
“Yes, yes, that’s my caring sister in-law, how are you doing jare?” Jenny asked as they both hijacked the call.
“I’m fine, how you dey? Sorry I have not reached you for a while things has been a little bit tight,” Shania said with apologies.
“I know, I know, busy with him right? Don’t worry I understand,” Jenny replied arousing another bolt of laughter. “Hope he is not misbehaving with all those AKS girls?” she continued.
“I don’t know o. I suspect sha but haven’t caught him with any,” Shania replied.
“If you haven’t caught him yet that means he is not doing anything shady because he can’t hide anything even to save his own life, that’s how open he is, we call him spread sheet at home.” Jenny said laughing from her end.
Girls can be something else. They just hijacked the call catching up. I left them to take a leak only to come back and still find them talking some irrelevant service issues.
“Alright e don do for the both of you,” I said interrupting the call and collecting the phone from Shania still on speak out.
“Stingy boy, why haven’t you called me for two days now,” Jenny fired.
“Sorry now, I haven’t recharged. You no see as the economy bad reach?”
“You never recharge abi but you call Shania every day, morning and night,” she said as we laughed at that.
After we goofed around for a while, I turned the call back to handheld as we continued talking. I walked out from the room, pretending to have something important I needed to discuss with Jenny just to get an opportunity to go through Shania’s phone.
It wasn’t long I came out that the call ended so I took my phone back to my ear and still formed busy with the phone while I went through Shania’s call log. She had two numbers that had a total call of 60 to 70 calls to it (missed, received and dialed),DOD and Ken.
I left the call log and went to her WhatsApp app. Clicking it open, the first two contacts she last had a chat with was DOD, ten minutes ago and Ken, seventeen minutes ago. Funny as it may sound, I had my name below six other names. I click on DOD and started reading their chats after which I went over to Ken. I couldn’t believe what I read in both chats. The whole chats were laced with all romantic name you could ever think of. The intimacy in the chats were clearly visible. DOD seem to be leaving outside the country while Ken as I suspected is the house of assembly guy. I mustered the courage to read far into the chats looking for a place where I could find my name mentioned or where she told any of them that she has a boyfriend but I didn’t find any.
Closing her WhatsApp, I went over to her BBM and saw almost the same thing or better still more. I closed the apps, composed myself and went back into the room handing her phone back to her.
“Is everything ok?” she asked collecting the phone from me.
“Yea, just needed to discuss something with her.” I replied.
“Ok, ain’t you eating again?” she asked referring to the already melted ice cream as I went straight and laid on the bed.
“Nah, you can finish it.”
She focused on her phone and ice cream while I pretended to be busy with my phone on the bed trying to get control over the anger burning through me.
To Be Continued…

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