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Wednesday, 7 February 2018


A story written by Chekwube Emmanuel… 

“Shania please don’t go we can sort this out.” I said holding her as she struggled to go.
“Purity there is nothing to sort out, we are so done,” she replied still struggling to free herself from my grip.
“What is it now, what did I do wrong? Is this what we set out to achieve?”
“Purity let me go and stop following me around, I have a new relationship already.”
‘Already? For how long?” I asked surprised.
“It’s none of your business Purity. What I just need from you is to stop coming around my house and quit following me and popping out from every corner, it’s beginning to look like you are stalking me.”
“Shania please don’t do this to me. You can’t just go like that. What happened to the promises we made?”
“Well, promises are meant to be made but keeping it is never compulsory.” She said nonchalantly. “That said, please it’s over between us and I would appreciate you stop bugging my life and my phone ok?”
I stood dejected watching her as she walked away, her image disappearing shades by shades. Suddenly the image of Shania turned to that of Purity walking back to me all smiles. I was confused as I stared at the reappearing image. She walked seductively towards me with face lit up with smiles.

“You thought I will just leave you like that?” she asked placing her hand on my cheek.
“Where is Shania?” I asked removing her hand from my face.
“Look at me or are you expecting another Shania?”
“Purity please ……….” I started to say something before she pressed her lips to mine pushing the remaining words back to my throat.
We were still lips locked when I looked out and saw Shania standing behind us with a knife, eyes blazing with anger. I was shocked and terrified as she approached us. I wanted to shout but Purity’s lips were so tight on mine that I couldn’t utter a word.
“And this is the perfect opportunity I have been waiting for,” she said.
Her voice startled Purity who on turning around saw Shania, so close behind her. She tried to move out but was too late as Shania had the knife piercing through her.
“No………….” I shouted as I opened my eyes drenched in my own sweat. I looked around to realize that I was in my room and it was all a dream.
To Be Continued…

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