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Friday, 16 February 2018


A story written by Chekwube Emmanuel…
Things had returned to normalcy. Our love increased as we took turns visiting each other every weekend. At each visit we always talked extensively about the future and what it holds for us.
As we started talking seriously about the future, Shania had started becoming skeptical about furthering her education abroad.
At first when she mention it, I objected vehemently telling her not to throw away a golden opportunity that would better her life for a future we ain’t even sure of, but when it became clear that I objecting to her idea of not going abroad was beginning to cause troubles, I had decided to let her be and make her decisions. We had less fights, better communication and understanding.
I had stopped playing around giving faithfulness a chance and it sure feels better. At work I had maintained the formal attitude with Constance not giving her any chance to intrude into my private life anymore.
I also maintained my friendship with Niyola and her roommate at the Hi! Hi!! level. I never gave them an opportunity to cross their boundary.
Surprisingly Purity had kept her distance. We talked occasionally either at CDS or whenever I decided to call her. I had started seeing a guy dropping her off at the council for CDS and picking her after. At first I felt awkward but over time I relaxed my nerves.
Two months later; it was on a Saturday. Shania was supposed to come over for the weekend but she had a wedding to attend ; she was among the bridal train. IJ had travelled and the weekend was a bit lonely and boring.
I had decided to pay Purity a surprise visit. I wanted to inform her but decided against it and will just pretend to be in the neighborhood and wanted to check up on her.
I noticed that she has fixed her net when I took the stairs that saw me at her door. I knocked the door twice and waited for an answer as I heard soft music playing inside. After waiting for a while I knocked harder again.
“Hold on!! ” I heard her voice from inside.
I waited for a while before she appeared at the door her towel wrapped around her. She was surprised seeing me as she stood at the door staring at me without a word.
“Em!! Good evening. Please I’m looking for a girl called Purity can you direct me to her door please.” I said making a serious face.
“Come in.” she said coldly.
I walked in while she bolted the net and walked behind me. She smelled fresh as I surveyed her intently from the corner of my eyes. Picking her phone from the bed she double tapped on the screen before turning to face me.
“You didn’t tell me you were coming.” She said more like a question.
“Yea, I was in the neighborhood and just decided to check up on you.”
“At least you should have called to let me know that you are coming.” She said frowning.
Her unwelcoming attitude was very clear that I needed nobody to tell me that I wasn’t welcomed.
“Umm!! Sorry about that,” I said standing up. “Just wanted to check on you sha, not staying.”
I headed towards the door to take my leave when she called stopping me on my track.
“You know you are always welcomed here.”
“Yea I know and thanks for reminding me that.”
Before I called turn back to the door she was behind me already hands around my waist holding me back.
“C’mon did you just expect that I will shine my 32 and welcome you after all these while that you forgot about me? C’mon a girl gats do shakara na.”
“So na me you dey take practice your shakara skills abi? Oya leave me let me be going.”
“Lie! Lie!! you are not going anywhere.” She said laughing and dragging me back.
We struggled playfully and just as I turned around her towel untied and left her body dropping into a hip on her legs. She made no effort to go for it as she stood Unclad smiling and making a pose. I swallowed hard as her amazing body bared itself before me. My Joystick responded immediately pushing against my zipper.
After allowing me have a view of what I was probably missing she picked up the towel and walked back to her wardrobe swinging her waist seductively.
“Make yourself comfy dear lemme change.” She said not turning.
To Be Continued…

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