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Tuesday, 6 February 2018


The next morning I woke up feeling myself but with a guilty conscience and a thought that I have failed myself. I tried all I could to block it off my mind. It wasn’t like I felt that I cheated on Shania but just that I wanted to stop sleeping around and I just did it again.
After I took that early morning leak that is always accompanied with a hard on, I came back and picked my phone and a message welcomed me. It was from IJ and it read “Take your charger from my room. I won’t be around and don’t bother calling”
After I read the message, I smiled and dropped it back. Purity was still sleeping peacefully, half covered with the duvet. I smiled to myself again before I started my work out session.
I was still working out when she woke up. She made breakfast afterwards and when I was through we ate, later in the evening she left.
It was one month and two days gone and Shania has not called neither have I contacted her. We were gradually growing apart from each other with no definition of what we have. I felt she has moved on but wanted to confirm it by hearing from the horse’s mouth. Picking my phone and about to dial her number, a call entered my phone, behold it was Precious.
“And you promised not to go dark on me again Purity,” Precious said as the line connected.
“Precious good morning,” I greeted.
“What is good about the morning, what happened to your promises? No calls or anything. You even left WhatSapp and BBM because of me.”
“Precious calm down. It’s not what you think. Things has been crazy for me. I was robbed off my phone that’s why you have not seen me online for a while now,” I explained.
“Robbed? When? How? Were you hurt? She threw in the questions without catching a breath.
“Calm down. I’m fine, they just took the phone and nothing more.”
“Are you sure you weren’t hurt? Or are you hiding it from me also? Why didn’t you tell me all these while?”
“Baby… oh! Sorry Precious, they didn’t touch me and I didn’t want to get you worried. I know how you can be.”
“So you have not gotten over calling me baby” she said laughing, “ By the way which phone are you using now?”
“My small Nokia torch light.”
“Purity just know that I’m not happy with you. You were robbed and you couldn’t tell me, what’s the meaning of the friendship then?”
“Baby….., not again. Precious I’m sorry you hear.” I apologized.
“It not just fair. How are you?” she asked.
“I’m fine o and you?”
“Fine, just the way you left me.” She replied.
“Then I guess you are perfect. Is your boyfriend back?”
“Nah, next week or the following.”
“Hope you guys are good?”
“Yea, I said yes to him but it doesn’t just feel like you. I mean it feels strange being romantic with him.” She replied with a sigh.
“Don’t worry with time everything will fall into place.” I consoled.
“I’m not so sure about that. How about Shania, you guys are good?”
“Yea we are.”
“Uhmmm!! I was thinking, would you mind if I come over and spend some time with you before Steve comes back?”
“Wow!! That would have been so cool but do you think we are ready for that now?”
“Ready for what?” she retorted.
“Seeing each other without crossing the line?”
“Don’t know until we try.”
“Precious don’t worry, let’s give ourselves more time. I’m not sure of myself yet and having you around might wash all my efforts all these while down the drain.”
“So in other words, you are saying that I am a temptation,” she said laughing.
“No oo, far from it. Just that I am not sure if I can withstand the sight of you yet, without having a stir down my groin.”
“Bad boy. I miss you jare.”
“I miss you too.”
We talked more before she rang off after I promised again to keep in touch with her. After that, I placed a call to Shania.
To Be Continued…

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