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Thursday, 15 February 2018


A story written by Chekwube Emmanuel…
“But I guess you finally did.”
“Yes and I’m sorry. There is no excuse for my actions.”
“Now tell me,” I started. “ do you still think that I’m having an affair?”
“Why did you keep away from me all these while?”
“I have been ashamed of myself. I couldn’t find the right words to say for my actions. I’m sorry for everything.”
“Are we cool or do you still have questions you need answers to?”
“No I don’t. it’s obvious someone doesn’t want us together. To think that the message stopped coming Immediately we fought makes it a set out plan by someone. And ….” She said stopping midway.
“And what?”
“Precious and IJ called me.” She said staring down at her palms “They didn’t want me to let you know so please don’t tell them.”
“Hmmm!! These girls.” I said laughing.
“Baby I’m sorry. I know those things I did hurt you and it was very irrational of me. There is no excuse for that, I’m sorry. I take back all those hurtful things I said to you.” She apologized.
“It’s ok. I’m sorry for everything too.”
A part of me wanted to ask her questions but another didn’t or maybe, was afraid of the truth. After a long contemplation in my mind, I decided not to ask her about the guys.
Just like she read my mind, she cleared her throat and started.
“Baby about the things you saw in my phone, I ……”
“Shania please don’t. I have made peace with that and whatever that is, I don’t want to know or hear about it. Just take care of it. Nobody is a saint.”
“Thank you.”
We relapsed into silence again until I gently pulled her closer and our lips met …….
The make up S£x was everything you can think of. It was slow and deep. It was so awesome and emotion filled that it left her crying at the end of it. I couldn’t hold myself through it but did well to last as my little will power could go. We slept off exhausted after the S£x.
To Be Continued…

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