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Wednesday, 7 February 2018


I was still pouring out my emotion to my pillow when I heard a knock on my net. I wasn't in the mood to see anybody but the knock persisted. Sitting up from the bed, I dabbed my eyes with the bed spread and went to the door.
“How far? I brought back your charger,” IJ said as I appeared at the door.
“Ok, thanks, When did you come back?” I asked collecting the charger from her. She held to the charger for a moment not letting it go, staring at my face before finally releasing it.
After my romp with Purity, IJ had left and stayed away for one week. Two days after she left, I had started calling her but she never answered her phone. When I didn’t stop calling, she sent me a message to stop calling her that she was OK.
She was coming to work from where she was staying but always left before the close of work.
I was surprised when I saw her at my door. I collected the charger and without another word she left.
I left my net and went back to the bed, bearing in mind that she will come back. Just then I heard a knock at the door again.
“It’s open, come in,”
IJ came in and stood at the door staring at me. She was like that for some minutes before she walked to the bed and sat beside me.
“What is wrong with you?” she asked breaking the silence.
“Nothing, I’m fine. What’s up with you?”
“This is not about me. What is wrong with you?” she persisted.
“IJ it’s something personal ok, you don’t have to worry.” I replied.
“Purity please don’t do that. What is the problem? Will it kill you if you just open your mouth and tell me what the problem is?”
“Ok, It’s nothing serious. Having issues with Shania.”
“Did you guys break up?”
She went silent maybe thinking of what to say.
“IJ I’m fine, you don’t have to worry about me,” I said, dabbing my eyes with one end of the bed spread as the tears started trickling down again.
Not knowing what to say, she shifted closer and gathered me into a warm embrace; just what I needed. We stayed like that for a while as the tears kept streaming down while she poured out to me all the consoling words she could find.
We disentangled when I heard a knock at my net. She adjusted herself while I went to check on who was knocking after dabbing my eyes again.
“Are you ok? Niyola asked as I came to the door.
“Yea, what’s up?” I asked as I saw her with food flask.
“Are you sure you are ok, you don’t look too good.” She persisted.
“Niyola I’m fine.” I replied.
“Ok if you say so. But don’t you want to ask me in or am I prohibited from entering your room. she asked with a smile.
“Ummm!! This is not a good time ok, maybe later.”
“Ok then. I don’t know if you are hungry, I brought you food.”
“Thanks dear but I just ate.”
“Ok later then,” she said and left.
As I came back, IJ stood up to go.
“I will be in my room should you need anything.” She said walking to the door.
“Ok. Thanks for the words,” I replied as she left.
I laid back to the bed the thoughts and moments I spent with Shania flashing through my mind. I never believed that within a short while of our much cherished relationship we would be calling it quits already. The whole thoughts was starting to bring tears to my eyes when my phone started ringing. Checking the caller, the number wasn’t familiar which made me suspect that Shania might be using another person’s phone to call me. I allowed the call to ring out before placing the phone on silent mode.
To Be Continued…

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